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Driver, high on pot, killed woman in wreck

Comment by Bob L.

Washington, and Colorado just passed a law for Medical Marijuana, but it seems that the law was miss leading, here in Washington they kept saying Medical, not Recreational, now we have death with Guns, Alcohol, and now  Marijuana. (of a drug or medication) used for recreation  and enjoyment rather than to treat a medical condition: recreational drugs such as marijuana and alcohol.

Where is this Drug going to come from Mexico and who is going to profit??? Politicians are known to be GOOD LIARS.

This could have been in a School zone with kids getting out of School, or it could be any where people get together on the street or parking lot, is this what you want to see happen by allowing this law to stay legal.

Now with all these Dangerous laws being passed, laws should be stiffened and not just a slap on the hand because it is now legal, and if the Courts don’t enforce tougher penalties then you should be able to sue Judges, Lawyers and any one who has it put on a ballot as an accessory, just like you would for aiding and abetting or wrongful death, because they are just as guilty as if they were there to pull the trigger.


Charge: Driver, high on pot, killed woman in Interbay wreck

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A 49-year-old man accused of killing a woman during a crash in Seattle’s Interbay neighborhood has been charged with vehicular homicide following allegations he was high on marijuana when the crash occurred.

Filing charges earlier this week, King County prosecutors contend Timothy W. Durden caused an eight-car pileup on Elliott Avenue West when he drove into traffic on July 17.

Rosemary Tempel, 56, was killed in the crash, which also saw a 63-year-old woman injured. Durden also was hurt in the wreck.

At 6:20 a.m., Durden was driving his Jeep Grand Cherokee northwest on Elliott when he cut into a two-way center lane and drove with traffic for some time, a Seattle detective told the court.

Durden then veered into southbound traffic, sideswiping a car waiting to turn from the two-way center lane, the detective continued.

The Renton man’s SUV then drove over Tempel’s Subaru Impreza, crushing her. She was rushed to Harborview Medical Center, where she died.

That initial collision caused a chain reaction that saw five other cars damaged. A piece of Durden’s car – likely its right wheel – slammed into an oncoming Subaru Forester; the driver of the car suffered a broken arm when she collided with another vehicle to avoid Durden’s.

Responding to the 125-foot-long crash scene, firefighters pulled Durden from his SUV and took him to Harborview.

According to charging documents, Durden told police he used marijuana medicinally but denied using any immediately before the crash.

A blood test showed undigested THC – the chemical in marijuana that acts on the brain – was in his bloodstream, the detective continued. Two grams of marijuana were found near his crashed car, as were several business cards from a medical marijuana dispensary.

“This information explains Durden’s delayed response to the threat posed by the presence” of the car stopped in the turn lane, the detective told the court. “It also explains Durden’s lack of situational awareness as to his vehicle’s position in the roadway.”

Durden has been charged with vehicular homicide and vehicular assault. He is not currently jailed.

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