Is College Education helping America?

Comment By Bob L.

Do we need just College Educated jobs, NO, we need jobs for all legal Americans because not all will go to College.

Some use College just to hide or run from this Country to keep from having to go into the Military to protect this Country, (these are what you call Cowards) Just like Obama, (how many years did he serve in the military to say that he was qualified do the job as Commander in Chief). BIG FAT ZERO.

Has College Education done anything to keep America and all Americans working or has it put more on the outside looking in, just look at where we are today, and even college grads are not coming up with a job.

This Country needs people who know the value of a DOLLAR, but some people are out spending money that they don’t own, so they think they can spend as much as they want, just look around and you can see how much money has been wasted.

These people who have a college education have proven that they don’t know the true value of the all mighty Dollar, they talk about infrastructure, but when it comes to maintaining   infrastructure, they spend more money elsewhere, by doing this they take away from other places that needed it.

Sure we need more jobs, but let’s do it by repairing what we have, not adding more, if you look you can see that it is not working, all it is doing is falling behind on what should be done, where has all this money gone that was slated for the infrastructure, it is not hard to see if you have your eyes open, but if you are a YUPPY who is telling these elected official’s where to spend this money, then it should come out of their pockets, not the Taxpayer who needs a steady full-time job that is not a public servant, we need more private sector jobs.

A good example of poor planning, trolleys, over the years they have gotten rid of any history that once was, Electric trains, same thing, now that everyone is pushing for green, but the only problem is no matter what you do is not going to be green, if you want to cut down the use of oil and gas, that means going electric, but to go electric commuter, that takes Coal, Gas, and Nuclear.

How much money are they going to spend before they find out that there is not enough money to cover what they want, a good example, how much money have they stuffed in to taking over abandoned old track and then tear out them out and put down asphalt, (these abandoned tracks could have been used for Commuting) if they had any brains, they would have thought about the future, but they were more for spending money to make YUPPIES Happy so they would get reelected.

What is going to happen when these tree that they planted in the middle of these roads grow up, what about what these ruts will do getting under the roads and tearing up the asphalt, did they ever think about that, or were they just lining some ones pockets and producing public works jobs, and what is going to happen when they go to maintain all this green? (Cause traffic problems while they work on the middle of these road gardens.)

Like they say history repeats its self, but now it cost more to bring it all back.

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