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Winners And Losers – ZERO

Comment By Bob L.

Winners, Losers, and Peace, ZERO, you will never see it in the life of the world, as long as the world exist, you will never see any of it, you will have to destroy every living thing to get it.

No President, King, Queen, or Dictator will never see Peace, because Greed and Jealousy will Prevail over clear thinking, this is where people think that they can change Religion of people and how they worship from what they have known since Birth, people who have their nose in some one Else’s lives don’t want some one telling them what to do OR how to¬†Practice theirs Religion (keep your nose out of other people’s lives, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones).

Look at Society today, they not happy with the way the Country is today, so they want to push their Beliefs on every one and have special protections so no one can complain about what they are doing, here are a few examples, Atheists wanting Religious land marks torn down that have been there for years, Same Sex Marriage, why now is this so important, or is it just for publicity because people say NO, they all talk about being Offensive to them, but don’t care how offensive to others, to me seeing TWO MEN or WOMEN out in Public playing with each other and KISSING is Offensive, they don’t care if it is Offensive to others, it is nothing but Fetish Sex,

Greed and Jealousy are the same thing, just used in different ways, Obama showed just how much greed is in this Country since this Country has come out with saying who is going to have a job and who is not, but the problem is, Where is all this money going to come from if no one is working, sure it is nice to collect money and do nothing for it, this will bring on a Great Depression of Grand Style that you will never see again because it will never end.

Greed has helped a lot of jobs to disappear, (you have to add Jealousy in there too) don’t just put the blame it on the working class, it starts at the TOP and works its way down, WHAT, YES, the TOP Starts giving them selves more money as the Company’s profits go up, then they say their earning are down so they have to cut work force, so they can pay their stock holder, this is not what I learned in school about what the Stock market was used for, it was not to give out a steady pay check (greed again), it was to help Companies Operate, it was not a 100% guarantee of a return, that is why you have a JOB, that job is what produces a return, but if you don’t produce a product to buy, then a Company can not Generate money to operate (this is where a good return comes in).

Today Corporations are paying out so much money at the top, they will never provide jobs for people over time. Look how many jobs have been lost to computer that will never produce enough jobs to keep them operating, what does it take to work on these computers, ONE person to keep 30 or more Computers up and running, how many people lost their jobs because of these computers? How many recalls of products do to lack of workers to do a good job because faster production ? (instead of slowing down to make it a better product and putting people in to see it done right and safely)



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