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Theft of America By All Government Agencies

Comment By Bob L.

THE Theft of the Peoples Parks For Profit

Parks who owns them, the Government (States, Counties, Federal), or the People, the Government thinks that they own them and can do anything they want, but where did they get the money to provide these parks that they say they own, they don’t own these lands, they are only care takers of these lands that the People paid for through Taxes and other Fees, and the people PAY THEM to take care of and maintain them. So where does the Government have the right to say that they own these lands.

These Governments think that now they can privatize them without the vote of the people who are really the true owners of these parks, I have no problem with charging for Over Night Camping, but to just drive on and swim in the waters, or a picnic for the day with your family is an over step of their authority for what that the parks are for.


To go farther this same thing goes for the Federal Government; they are so far over stepping their power that it is now a Dictator Country and the American people who are paying for these lands and the Government saying that the people do not own them,



The Government CAN NOT Operate with out the People, So lets put it this way, it is you the people who are letting the Government walk all over you by letting them run wild, now is the time to TELL these Government Agencies (Federal, State, County, and Cities that they are not out land lords, they are care takers of this country for all Legal Taxpaying American Citizens.

Another thing is that Government thinks that they own and can control Private Property.

It has come to the point that they Tell the private sector worker how much they will get paid, but they raise taxes and then give themselves and public service workers pay raises and you don’t have a say,and look at it this way, every Public service worker has Job Security with automatic pay increases, BUT your safety Fire and Police, all most forgot our Military, all have to do with Health and Safety.  

People Take back this country Before you lose your Freedom and the U.S. Constitution.

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