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Winners And Losers – ZERO

Comment By Bob L.

Winners, Losers, and Peace, ZERO, you will never see it in the life of the world, as long as the world exist, you will never see any of it, you will have to destroy every living thing to get it.

No President, King, Queen, or Dictator will never see Peace, because Greed and Jealousy will Prevail over clear thinking, this is where people think that they can change Religion of people and how they worship from what they have known since Birth, people who have their nose in some one Else’s lives don’t want some one telling them what to do OR how to Practice theirs Religion (keep your nose out of other people’s lives, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones).

Look at Society today, they not happy with the way the Country is today, so they want to push their Beliefs on every one and have special protections so no one can complain about what they are doing, here are a few examples, Atheists wanting Religious land marks torn down that have been there for years, Same Sex Marriage, why now is this so important, or is it just for publicity because people say NO, they all talk about being Offensive to them, but don’t care how offensive to others, to me seeing TWO MEN or WOMEN out in Public playing with each other and KISSING is Offensive, they don’t care if it is Offensive to others, it is nothing but Fetish Sex,

Greed and Jealousy are the same thing, just used in different ways, Obama showed just how much greed is in this Country since this Country has come out with saying who is going to have a job and who is not, but the problem is, Where is all this money going to come from if no one is working, sure it is nice to collect money and do nothing for it, this will bring on a Great Depression of Grand Style that you will never see again because it will never end.

Greed has helped a lot of jobs to disappear, (you have to add Jealousy in there too) don’t just put the blame it on the working class, it starts at the TOP and works its way down, WHAT, YES, the TOP Starts giving them selves more money as the Company’s profits go up, then they say their earning are down so they have to cut work force, so they can pay their stock holder, this is not what I learned in school about what the Stock market was used for, it was not to give out a steady pay check (greed again), it was to help Companies Operate, it was not a 100% guarantee of a return, that is why you have a JOB, that job is what produces a return, but if you don’t produce a product to buy, then a Company can not Generate money to operate (this is where a good return comes in).

Today Corporations are paying out so much money at the top, they will never provide jobs for people over time. Look how many jobs have been lost to computer that will never produce enough jobs to keep them operating, what does it take to work on these computers, ONE person to keep 30 or more Computers up and running, how many people lost their jobs because of these computers? How many recalls of products do to lack of workers to do a good job because faster production ? (instead of slowing down to make it a better product and putting people in to see it done right and safely)



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More Obama Green Job Out sourced Money and Failed

Comment By Bob L.

How many jobs has Obama and his Administration destroyed since he was Elected?

Obama does not out source jobs he Out Sources Taxpayer money for Foreign products, not jobs.


Workers at Chevy Volt battery plant built with federal money paid to do nothing for months

By Justin Hyde – Motoramic

The bankruptcy of electric vehicle battery maker A123 Systems [Systems that won $249 million federal grant files for bankruptcy] earlier this week turned a spotlight on the struggles of the Obama administration’s push for green jobs of the future around electric cars, which has fallen short in employment and production. Now a new report says in one Michigan plant, built with $151 million in federal money to assemble battery cells for the Chevrolet Volt, workers have been paid for months to do nothing. According to WOOD-TV of Grand Rapids, Mich., the 300 workers at the LG Chem plant in nearby Holland have yet to ship a single production battery cell since the plant opened late last year. While employees have built battery cells for testing, those were shipped back to LG Chem’s home labs in South Korea months ago, leaving workers to do odd jobs around the factory, volunteer for community projects or just sit and play Monopoly. Several say training also stopped months ago, leading some employees to quit in frustration.
The $300 million plant was launched by President Barack Obama in July 2010, at a bipartisan ceremony where Obama hailed the LG Chem plant and similar efforts by A123 as “jobs in the industries of the future,” saying it was key for the United States to build not just more electric vehicles and hybrids but their batteries as well. The LG Chem’s plant initial contract called for workers to build lithium-ion battery cells, 288 of which are used in every Chevy Volt — and which are now made in South Korea and shipped to a GM plant in Michigan.

At the time, General Motors was still expecting to sell as many as 60,000 Volts a year worldwide, but after demand failed to match those expectations, GM cut back production. The automaker’s on track to sell about 20,000 Volts in the United States this year, and has declined to offer future production estimates; the Cadillac ELR coupe version of the range-extended electric car will go into production next year, but isn’t anticipated to be a huge seller. At one point, the plant was also expected to supply batteries to the electric version of the Ford Focus, but LG Chem provides those cells from South Korea as well. Ford has only sold 228 Focus Electrics so far this year, and its sales plans for the$40,000 Focus seem limited to meeting California emissions rules.

In fairness, the Volt’s slow growth rate has mirrored that of the Toyota Prius after it was launched; Toyota only sold 15,500 Priuses in Japan in its second full year of production, before the Prius became the world’s best-selling hybrid. The auto industry has made scaling battery factories more difficult by demanding customized cells for every low-volume EV model — only the Tesla Model S uses an off-the-shelf design. And every auto industry insider expects plug-in hybrids and lithium batteries to become standard on vehicles in the coming years, thanks to tougher fuel economy regulations around the world. But paying people to do nothing is the weakest form of economic stimulus, and the idle plant highlights how big government bets on where and when the future will arrive often go bad — or leave a few lucky people plenty of time to practice pinochle.

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Take From Americans At The Front Door and Receive Corporate At The Back Door

Comment By Bob L.

Obama Administration and Democrats show just what liars They are in the last four years, but not excluding Republicans.


Dem convention used corporate cash, despite pledge

By MICHAEL BIESECKER | Associated Press

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — The Democratic National Convention relied on at least $5 million in corporate donations, despite repeated pledges by top party officials only to use money raised from individuals.

Reports filed Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission show the convention’s host committee, Charlotte in 2012, raised $24 million, well short of its $36.7 million fundraising goal.

To help make up for the shortfall, committee officials spent $5 million raised directly from corporations to rent the cavernous basketball arena used as the convention hall. They spent nearly $8 million more from a line of credit provided by Charlotte-based Duke Energy, the nation’s largest electricity provider.

Top Democrats, including Democratic Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, had pledged prior to the 2012 convention not to raise money from special interests and to cap individual donations at $100,000.

“This convention will be different,” Wasserman Schultz said last year at the convention kickoff event in Charlotte. “We will make this the first convention in history that does not accept any funds from lobbyists, corporations or political action committees. This will be the first modern political convention funded by the grassroots, funded by the people.”

In addition to spending cash from corporate sponsors on direct convention expenses, records show much off the $24 million billed as being raised from individual donors came from special interest groups that employ lobbyists, corporate-funded foundations and the very wealthy.

Democratic National Committee spokeswoman Melanie Roussell said Wednesday it is not illegal for convention host committees to raise unlimited corporate money and that the party had placed the fundraising restrictions on itself.

Republicans made no secret of raising unlimited corporate money for their convention in Tampa, Fla., which took in a reported $55.8 million.

The core convention events in the Time Warner Cable Arena and Bank of America Stadium were overseen by the Democratic National Convention Committee Inc., a Washington-based nonprofit corporation affiliated with the Democratic Party.

The DNCC’s operations were funded with $18 million provided by American taxpayers who check the $3 political donation box on their federal tax returns. Security for the convention was funded by a $50-million grant from the Homeland Security Department. The Republican convention received identical government grants.

To raise money for costs beyond what taxpayers provided, the DNCC contracted with Charlotte in 2012, a North Carolina-based nonprofit corporation.

The $5 million used to rent Time Warner Arena for the convention was raised from corporate donors by New American City, a separate nonprofit corporation set up by top officials at Charlotte in 2012. The rest of the $18.8 million in corporate money raised by the entity was used to support functions organizers considered to not be in direct support of the convention, such as the salaries of the 41 full-time host committee employees and their health insurance.

As for the money raised directly by Charlotte in 2012, the Democrat’s contract with the city’s host committee exempted millions in donations from unions and such in-kind corporate donations as office space, computers and furniture from the self-imposed limits.

Still, many of the donors listed as giving to the Democratic host committee could hardly be classified as hailing from the grassroots.

All told, more than $7.2 million came from individual donors giving $100,000 or more, according to an Associated Press analysis of the disclosure report.

According to the disclosure report, Thomas Steyer, the president of the San Francisco-based hedge fund Farallon Capital Management, gave $500,000 — five times the committee’s professed limit on contributions.

Constance Milstein, principal and co-founder of Ogden CAP Properties, gave $300,000, according to the report. Ogden’s website describes Milstein’s firm as “New York City’s premier residential real estate owners.”

Paul Egerman, CEO and co-founder of medical software company eScription, gave $200,000, according to the report.

Roussell said the reported donations in excess of $100,000 were reporting errors and that the money came from the personal foundations of the listed individuals. Donations from charitable groups were not subject to the $100,000 cap, she said.

“There are several errors in the report and we are working with the host committee to clarify and fix them,” Roussell said.

Donations were also accepted from foundations supported by corporations. For example, Xerox Foundation, which shares the same Connecticut address as the headquarters of the Fortune 500 copier maker, is listed as giving $100,000.

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians gave $100,000, as did the Chickasaw Nation, the Muckleshoot tribe and the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation. All four tribes operate large casinos.

Also not subject to the Democrats’ ban on corporate donations were law firms, such as the $100,000 donated by McGuire Woods LLP. In addition to being one of the South’s largest law firms, McGuire’s consulting subsidiary employs dozens of registered state and federal lobbyists.

More modest checks came from the American Financial Services Association, which represents credit card and financial companies, and the senior group AARP. Both are registered as entities that lobby the federal government.

As for the $7.9 million borrowed from the line of credit guaranteed by Duke Energy, the company’s agreement with the host committee calls for that money to be repaid by Feb. 28.

Duke spokesman Tom Williams said the company also provided a total of $5.7 million in cash and in-kind contributions to Charlotte in 2012 and New American City, including providing the joint offices occupied by both entities. He said the company will work with committee organizers to help retire the $7.9 million debt by the deadline.

Roussell ruled out that the debt would be paid by the DNC or Obama campaign. She touted the roughly 32,000 donors listed in Charlotte host committee’s disclosure report, up from just 450 donors for the Democrats’ 2008 soirée in Denver.


Associated Press writer Jack Gillum in Washington contributed to this report.


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Talk About Voter Fraud

Comment By Bob L.

Out Come Of Fraud Comes Dictators

Talk About Voter Fraud, they said that early Voting would not be released until November 6, if that is the case then how can they come out with a statement like this if some one has not said any thing under the cuff: {Obama grabs wide lead among those who have already voted}

Are they trying to say that Obama has already won, this shows just how much the News Media is in the Back Pocket of the democrats, and how do we know if some one has not said some thing to the White House about this Early Election Verbally so there is not a paper trail.

There has been a lot of VOTER FRAUD cover up in many ways since Obama got into Office.


Yahoo! News

Obama grabs wide lead among those who have already voted: Reuters/Ipsos poll

By Andy Sullivan | Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are neck and neck in opinion polls, but there is one area in which the incumbent appears to have a big advantage: those who have already cast their ballots.

Obama leads Romney by 59 percent to 31 percent among early voters, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling data compiled in recent weeks.

The sample size of early voters is relatively small, but the Democrat’s margin is still well above the poll’s credibility interval – a measurement of polls’ accuracy – of 10 percentage points. (full graphic:

With the November 6 election just more than three weeks away, 7 percent of those surveyed said they had already voted either in person or by mail (full graphic:

The online poll is another sign that early voting is likely to play a bigger role this year than in 2008, when roughly one in three voters cast a ballot before Election Day. Voting is already under way in some form in at least 40 states.

Both the Obama and Romney teams are urging supporters to vote as soon as possible so the campaigns can focus their door-knocking and phone-calling operations on those who are still undecided or need more prodding to get to the polls.

Early voting was a big part of Obama’s victory over Republican John McCain in 2008, and his campaign aims to repeat its success this year.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll indicates the campaign’s efforts appear to be paying off, although its advantage could erode as Election Day approaches.

The Obama campaign says it is leading among early voters in Iowa and Ohio, and trailing by a smaller margin than 2008 in several other swing states. It expects its early voting efforts will help the campaign weather a blitz of negative ads expected to saturate the airwaves in battleground states in the final weeks before November 6.

“We’ve made early investments in battleground states – where we’ve been registering folks and keeping an open conversation going with undecided voters for months – to build a historic grass-roots organization that will pay off when the votes are counted,” spokesman Adam Fetcher said.


The Romney campaign says it is leading or even with Obama among early voters in several closely fought battleground states, including Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, Nevada and New Hampshire. The campaign says it has seen a spike in volunteering and voter enthusiasm among Republicans since Romney’s strong debate performance against Obama on October 3.

“Not only are we keeping pace with the vaunted Obama machine, but we believe our ground game will put us over the finish line on Election Day,” said Rich Beeson, the Romney campaign’s political director.

George Mason University professor Michael McDonald, an expert on early voting, said it was difficult to tell how the results so far could affect the outcome of the race.

In North Carolina and Maine, Democrats seem to be voting in higher numbers than 2008, while Republicans seem to be voting in slightly lower numbers than four years ago, he said.

In Ohio, where voters do not register by party, early voting appears to be higher than normal in both Republican and Democratic areas, McDonald said.

In Iowa, about twice as many registered Democrats as Republicans have voted by now – a potential warning sign for the Romney campaign, he said.

“Romney needs a change here. The good news for Romney is day to day, incrementally, the numbers shift in his direction, so he may be able to catch up,” McDonald said.

The accuracy of Reuters/Ipsos online polls is measured using a credibility interval. For the 6,704 people who were asked whether they had voted yet, the credibility interval was 1.3 points. For the 361 people who replied that they had already cast their ballots, the credibility interval was 10 points.

(Editing By Alistair Bell and Peter Cooney; The Reuters/Ipsos database is now public and searchable here:

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Theft of America By All Government Agencies

Comment By Bob L.

THE Theft of the Peoples Parks For Profit

Parks who owns them, the Government (States, Counties, Federal), or the People, the Government thinks that they own them and can do anything they want, but where did they get the money to provide these parks that they say they own, they don’t own these lands, they are only care takers of these lands that the People paid for through Taxes and other Fees, and the people PAY THEM to take care of and maintain them. So where does the Government have the right to say that they own these lands.

These Governments think that now they can privatize them without the vote of the people who are really the true owners of these parks, I have no problem with charging for Over Night Camping, but to just drive on and swim in the waters, or a picnic for the day with your family is an over step of their authority for what that the parks are for.

To go farther this same thing goes for the Federal Government; they are so far over stepping their power that it is now a Dictator Country and the American people who are paying for these lands and the Government saying that the people do not own them,



The Government CAN NOT Operate with out the People, So lets put it this way, it is you the people who are letting the Government walk all over you by letting them run wild, now is the time to TELL these Government Agencies (Federal, State, County, and Cities that they are not out land lords, they are care takers of this country for all Legal Taxpaying American Citizens.

Another thing is that Government thinks that they own and can control Private Property.

It has come to the point that they Tell the private sector worker how much they will get paid, but they raise taxes and then give themselves and public service workers pay raises and you don’t have a say,and look at it this way, every Public service worker has Job Security with automatic pay increases, BUT your safety Fire and Police, all most forgot our Military, all have to do with Health and Safety.  

People Take back this country Before you lose your Freedom and the U.S. Constitution.

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Washington State, United States All The Same Corrupt

Comment For Corrupt Government
By Bob L.

You Do What I Say

Washington State, United States What is the Differences, a corrupt Government is just that, they don’t let you vote on any thing they want, they tell you what you are going to do on a daily time schedule, and how much you are going to pay them to tell you to go jump in a lake, and the people have no one to blame but themselves, they let them get away with it.

Good example, late 50’s Daylight Screwing time VOTED DOWN they wanted it, it PASSED, Some where in time, Gambling PASSED, They did not want it, DENIED, and today time goes on Same Sex Marriage, People Said NO, Governor PASSED it, now back up for a vote, same thing all over the United States, State by State same thing, NO VOTERS SAY, COURTS BACK the Government and the MINORITY (voters), NOT the MAJORITY of voters.

Obamacare was it ever put up to the voters to have a say YES or NO, it was shoved down our throats, we were told it had to passed  to see what was in it, and to this day we still do not know about the full effect of this Health Care but what they want us know, WHY is this so CLASSIFIED that the American people are not allowed to see the full plan before it goes any farther.

I Don’t Care What You Voted FOR

Washington State just like any other but this is WASHINGTON STATE, (Washington residents voted twice, in 1999 and again in 2002, to keep the price the same for license tabs.) what happen, Corrupt Government, For the Gov. By the Gov. of the Gov., American Citizens today Do not have a say in their Country ANY MORE, it is controlled by Government, Lobbyist, Environmentalist, Illegals, or Special Interest, and if you are not a member of one or all of these groups then you have no say in this Country.

Washington State gave Cities and Counties Permission to charge a Tax, a Fee and what ever else that they covered up to take away from the people who can least afford it, but as long as the people who have guaranteed public JOBS, even after they retire could care less what the poor do, it is what the rich call you poor people who destroy this country, But watch after they sneak all this by, they will add more Taxes and Fees on top of it.

But in the final end it is the College Educated that are bringing this Country down, because the reason is they rake profits from these Companies and Government and not putting them back in to make them more profitable and lower prices or Taxes, but no they blame it on the working person for wanting higher wages, why the high prices and no profits, they talk about the lazy who don’t want to work, it is them that have put people in that position, and the way I see it College Diplomas are nothing but an excuse to be lazy and a coward to fight for this country, where do they hide when they need military personal, College or flee the Country, that is being LAZY and a COWARD, or is that a Trader. (For the ones who run and hide in College or another Country)

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