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Do People Have a Say Come Election Time

Comment By Bob L.

Do People Have a Say Come Election Time, You are Dam Right they Do, any one with Half a Brain should know that Politicians can be sent packing if they don’t do the right job, but to many times they are put back into office to do more damage to this Country and the American work force

The problem today is that people are brain dead and are more worried about what they look like then what is happening in this Country, just turn on your TV and see what is advertised (look sexy To your wife and others, or look sexy for your husband and your boss and coworkers) and these people have no idea what is going on to this Country, and by the time they wake up and see what is Happening it will be to late.

From what I can see I don’t trust ether one of them, they both scare me, but one thing we do know that Obama is not for Americans and we can see what he has not done for this Country, and that is protect it from going up in flames, he has actually poured Gas,Diesel, Natural Gas, and Coal on it, this is probably why these prices are so high, we don’t know if Romney is going to be better or just another Obama and Flip Flop every other week just to cater to the flavor of the week.

All you Legal VOTING Americans need to stop living in the MIRROR and take responsibility for what is happening in this Country, and stop this run away Government from selling it to the lowest bidder, and now it looks like the lowest is going to be the one we owe the most money.

You have well, I can not really say what we have running this Country, but it is not the one you put in there to run this Country because he seems to be surrounded by Hate groups and Terrorist that are telling him what to do, look around, how much time does he spend in DC and not on Air Force One, I can not remember any other President that spends as much time as this President does in Foreign Countries as this one, and then you have President Number Two Flying around on her plane telling every one what they are going to eat.

Now you have a President who turned his back on Religious groups one year to invite the Muslim Religion to the White House, and if you remember he said he was razed in that Religion when he was growing up, than he has the nerve to bring up Mitt Romney Religion, I my self have never had any problem with Mormons like you have with Jehovah witness, and Atheists, I my self have worked with and lived next door to them and never had any problem with them, I told them I was not interested and they never mentioned it again, and we still remained friends.

With Jehovah witness, you get tired of telling them that you are not interested, and come next week-end they are right back knocking on your door, and the will not take NO as an answer, and as the Atheists, they seem to have the court in their back pockets because every time they speak the courts side with them, which as I see it they are going against the United States Constitution on the freedom of  Religion.


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