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More Up Coming Un-Employed Not Mentioned

Comment By Bob L.

With out These You have Home Less People, and you have Starving People, What are they, FARMS and Jobs, yes FARMS and Jobs, and Farms  do produce some Jobs, you know those things that produce FOOD and DAIRY Products, but now it seems that our Farms are being destroyed by Taxes, Government Regulations, and Environmentalist for use to build homes for more Taxable Income, and for gotta have a new home every TWO to THREE Years, not used, but new. These are called Greedy and Inconsiderate people, most are YUPPIES.

The bad thing about it once they are gone they are gone and will never return, because it would cost to much to dig up Water, Sewer, and Storm Systems, and replace top soil that has been destroyed by Lawn Chemicals and what ever they put down.

Now where do you plan to get your Food and Dairy Products when you get rid of all the FARMS. IMPORT THEM JUST LIKE OIL, back to depending on Foreign goods not our own, I think they call that IMPORT, NOT EXPORT, it is surely not FAIR TRADE.


Calif dairies going broke due to feed, milk prices

By GOSIA WOZNIACKA | Associated Press

HANFORD, Calif. (AP) — In nearly six decades of running a dairy in central California, Mary Cameron made a name for herself in a male-dominated industry: She led several dairy organizations and was honored as Outstanding Dairy Producer of the Year.

But the 82-year-old Cameron — who still drives a tractor and supervises her Hanford dairy — is on the brink of losing her life’s work. She can no longer pay the bills. Her bank has classified her loan as distressed. And she can’t afford enough feed for her 900 milking cows and 1,000 heifers.

“I have been in this business for 57 years and I have never been in financial trouble like I am right now,” said Cameron, who runs the Atsma-Cameron Dairy with her two sons. “I’m on the verge of bankruptcy. It’s horrible and inexcusable.”

Cameron is not alone. Across California, the nation’s largest dairy state, dozens of dairy operators large and small have filed for bankruptcy in recent months and many teeter on the edge of insolvency. Others have sold their herds or sent them to slaughter and given up on the business.

Experts say California dairymen face a double whammy: exorbitant feed costs and lower milk prices. The Midwest drought has led to corn and soybean costs increasing by more than 50 percent this summer, stressing dairymen from Wisconsin and Minnesota to Missouri. But in California, milk prices have also lagged behind those in the rest of the nation, exacerbating the crisis.

And while milk revenues in California have soared to over $7.5 billion in 2011, making milk the top agricultural commodity, higher revenues mean little, famers say, because it costs so much more to produce the milk.

“I don’t think there’s a milk producer in the state who is profitable right now,” said Michael Marsh, CEO of Western United Dairymen.

Since 2008, California has lost nearly 300 dairies, with 1,668 remaining as of January, according to the California Department of Food and Agriculture. There are no official estimates on how many dairies have shuttered in 2012 — but interviews with dairymen and experts indicate several hundred dairies could be in danger of going under.

“It’s been like a floodgate,” said Riley Walter, a Fresno-based agricultural bankruptcy lawyer who has worked on 58 cases of dairies in financial trouble this past year — from bankruptcies, to liquidations, to operations taken over by receivers.

“Recently, I had two men over 60 years old who broke down and sobbed in court,” Walter said. “You would be surprised how much these men care about their cows.”

At the Overland Stock Yard in Hanford, owner Peter Belezzuoli said he sees two to three dairymen selling their entire herd every month, compared to about four per year before the crisis. More cows are being sold for slaughter, he said. And the value of dairy cattle has plummeted by as much as 50 percent in the past five years.

“It’s no different than the housing industry, where people lost all the equity,” he said. “People have the same cow, but now it doesn’t have the same value.”

Economists say milk and feed prices always fluctuate — but it’s the margin between the two that counts, and how far apart the thin years are.

Only three years ago, falling milk prices forced many dairymen to go under. The current crisis, dairymen say, came too quickly. Many still have unpaid loans, have exhausted their equity, and can’t get new loans.

For Cameron, who grew up washing barns and feeding cows, costs of production vastly surpass revenues. She’s losing $40,000 every month, she said.

Her parents emigrated from Holland in the 1920’s and started a dairy in California’s Central Valley. After college, Cameron followed in their footsteps: Her office wall is filled with awards and news articles touting her successful dairy career.

Today, Cameron owes $7.5 million to her banks and creditors, and has run out of cash for feed. To make ends meet, she has sold cows for beef and fed her herd less grain — but that means milk production is down and so is revenue.

Cameron recently saw a bankruptcy lawyer and may have to sell her entire herd and dairy.

“It just makes me sad,” Cameron said. “This is a world I love, this is my life.”

For her woes, Cameron blames state officials’ decision to keep milk prices lower than those in other states.

California has had its own milk pricing system for dairy since the 1930’s, separate from that operated by the federal government in other states. The California Department of Food and Agriculture sets minimum prices that must be paid to farmers in the state for five classes of milk.

In recent years, California’s prices tended to be lower than in other states. In 2011 and 2012, California’s price for milk used to make cheese was frequently $2 or more lower per hundredweight of milk than in the rest of the nation.

CDFA spokesman Steve Lyle said the reason for lower prices is that milk supply exceeds demand in California.

The glut forces California producers to sell much of their milk to makers of products such as cheese, which pays much less than selling milk for drinking. And since much of the milk is sold out of state, the price farmers receive is lower to reflect higher transportation costs.

Several dairy organizations filed suit in August, alleging that CDFA failed to follow the law when it refused to increase the minimum price of milk sold for cheese to bring it in line with prices around the country.

Economists say the market itself will lift prices: as more dairymen go out of business, fewer cows will produce less milk, which in turn will lead prices to go up.

For Cameron, higher prices would mean she could keep her dairy. When she dies, she wants her children to scatter her ashes in the corrals.

“That’s where I belong,” she said, “…that’s where I’ve been all my life.”

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41 Days to the Eve Of Destruction



By Bob L.

A comment for today’s COWARDS  who have disgraced this Country. IF you don’t like to hear the truth, that is your problem, you bring it on your self’s, no one else does.

And turn their backs on Our Military personal that puts their life’s on the line every day to protect our Safety and freedom, and that goes for This Administration that has turned their backs on them also,  DAM YOU

Has this Country learned any thing in the last Ninety Years, it does not look like it has learned any thing but how to be greedy and want more, and self-centered, this Country and the World  is COMING apart and all you can do is complain about a call over some stupid Sports Game, building another Sports Arena, or admiring your self in the mirror.

When is this Country going to get a back bone and stop letting Politicians, Lobbyists, Environmentalist, Special Interest Groups, and Religious Groups tell you what you are going to wear, what you are going to buy, what Health Insurance to buy, and how long you are allowed to live.

In the Great Depression What Was Learned, NOT A DAM THING, Because we are headed right back there, Tax And Spend, and spend beyond Income, just like the greedy Americans, this is not just for more money, it is greed for Government Hand Outs also.

Look back 47 years, a song Eve of Destruction written by P. F. Sloan in 1965 and song by Barry McGuire, has any one learned any thing from what that song is about, NO, this Country means nothing to the American Citizen any more, it only stands for a Free meal that you don’t have to work for, free Health Insurance that some one else pays for, wait what do you mean that some one else will pay for, well if you fall in that poverty level and you don’t have the money, then who is going to end up paying, SOME ONE ELSE (that’s Obamacare, don’t have an income, then some one else ends up paying), Spending Money that you don’t have,  like Building Sports Arenas, Eyesores they call scenic get a way’s, and then let them fall apart, wasting money on speed bumps on roadways, race tracks at intersections, planting Trees and shrubs down the middle of streets,  and then saying it is for public safety, and the American People say OK, not NO, and for get about Americas Safety and their Children’s, and if this is not a greedy and lazy country today than I don’t know what is.

Do you want Americas Safety, if not than keep cutting our military, and open the doors wide to terrorism. Here is a Question: How would you like to see your child or Grand Child sodomized and raped and drug down the street alive and then killed in front of you, AND you can not do any thing to stop it but stand there and watch it, WELL this is exactly what you are doing by doing nothing and letting the Government and the Courts run your life and tell you what to do, the Courts today don’t enforce the laws, they only do what some one else wants them to do, and the Government is eliminating U.S. Safety.

It is up to you, a free Country or a Country that has a Dictator Government (almost there now), what happens if Obama gets another four years and he has changed the Constitution around to where he can run as long as he wants, would you be up for that, this could be any one if you let it, but this is Americans Government Not the other way around. And if you think that I am for Romney for get it I don’t trust ether one of them, But I can see what Obama has done to this country already, and that is not what we need, more destruction of America and more freedom lost.

Now you have the up coming of World War Three or the Grand Daddy of a Depressions, you can take your pick because you will probably have both and you will not be able to stop it because you did not care when you had the chance, you just turned your back and let this Government do what ever they wanted.

You have Presidents that care more about OTHER Countries and their aid than they do HERE, they don’t want to work with any one, they would rather be Bullies of the World and change how they live and their Religion, which is sacred in this Country, but no, they can not keep their nose out of OTHER Countries religion or how they live, and now they are doing the same thing here in this Country, if they keep it up here they lose every thing that our Ancestors fought and died for.


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43 Days for the Destruction of America as WE Knew it

Comment By Bob L.

Three True Americans
One Could Care Less

Do They Look Like
Proud Americans

The death of America, Four more Years, Constitution GONE

Is this who we want running this Country

Here we go again, another year of Political maneuvering for their own Benefit.

You might say, what do you mean, WELL have you ever seen a Politician do any thing for the average American Citizen? Think about it, who benefits, Politicians, Lobbies, Special Interest Groups, Environmentalists, and Religion (GOD), but that is slowly changing because they don’t want any one to believe in any thing, But the problem is that the people keep putting them back into office, and then complain about the lousy job they are doing, Why, because you are the problem that lets them destroy this Country, WHY, because you are so wrapped up in your selves, you can not stop looking at your self in the Mirror and worrying about what people are saying about you.

Then you have people who are so wrapped up in being a Democrat, or a Republican and will believe in any thing that they say, no matter what they say or do, turn on the News and see what is going on, if you have not noticed, the news media is for Democrats and will do any thing  protect them from what they are doing to this Country. Tax penalty Will Make More Homeless Families Pushed for By Democrats, and people who don’t know the full impact of Obamacare and the final cost to them, and why is Obamacare Classified and only exposed after it is in effect, and why don’t they want the American people to see the full Bill?

Look at what is happening over seas, Why has Obama and his Administration spent so much time over in those Countries, and now that he is trying to get reelected has this so conveniently erupted just before the Election, it looks a little fishy, and what has this Administration promised them. Ambassador Stevens, Why was he not protected like every one in the Obama administration is.
$1.5 Billion to Muslim Brotherhood

Michelle Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood
Obama’s diplomacy, Muslim Brotherhood support
Amid unrest, Clinton to lobby lawmakers on Mideast aid

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Where Is All Are Tax Money Going

This for all who vote and pass taxes and not knowing where they are going!
By Bob L.
Sept,12, 2012

Does any one care where ALL YOUR taxes go that are passed every year?

I don’t know about you, but I would like to know just where all this money is going, because I can not see any progress anywhere around that they put on the ballot for, take for example, School Maintenance, why is it every time that they ask for money to keep up crumbling Schools, it ends up that they always need to build new ones to replace one that are falling apart, WHERE is all this maintenance bond money being spent?

It seems that every time a maintenance  bond is passed Teachers go on strike for more money, it sounds like it goes to Teachers, Administrators, and Unions, but not to keep up the School that it was supposed to go to.

This also goes for the States, Counties, Cities, and the Federal Government, where is all this Tax Money that they are collecting from the American Citizens going to, they keep saying that our highways are falling apart, but what are they doing about it, nothing but wanting to make them Bigger and wider Highways, if they keep this up, this country will be nothing but one sheet of Asphalt and Concrete, and at this rate you might just as well for get about Global Warming and water conservation, because Asphalt and Concrete will drain any water right to the Oceans if they are still in existence, because Asphalt and Concrete will be one big radiant heater, and if you want heat you got it.

How much Tax money is Exported every year to rebuild Foreign Countries, then from this we have to borrow money to keep this up, and in the mean time our Country is Crumbling, SO Where is all the tax money going, I sure can not see any improvement in this Countries Infrastructure.

I see a lot of money being spent on things for Special Interest Groups and lobbyist like Stadiums, Eyesore land marks that down the road get torn down for progress, Turtle Crossings, and now Over passes for wildlife, but not for where it suppose to go.

And now they want to waste Money on telling schools on what kids are going to eat at school, or lose funding.

And remember back an article about students were not allowed to bring a lunch from home because they HAD TO buy the school lunch because of Obama’s new policy, school had to follow or lose funding.

And to go along with these articles, WHY are there more medical problems today then there were years back, for one, Doctors were Doctors, today they seem to be more interested in money then being a Doctors, look at how many of them have gone in to specialties, more money, then they want to know why Insurance has gotten so expensive, it does not take a brain surgeon to figure that out, or does it, it makes me wonder with the Education and mentality of the people in the last Thirty years, it seems that they are being brain washed from birth. You know that is not far from the truth, just look how much has been removed from school books for testing and not teaching.

Well they say that Alcohol and Smoking can cause birth defects and health problems, but why are they not talking about the effects of Prescription Drugs on Birth and Health problems that they have today, they do about Illegal Drugs.

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Do People Have a Say Come Election Time

Comment By Bob L.

Do People Have a Say Come Election Time, You are Dam Right they Do, any one with Half a Brain should know that Politicians can be sent packing if they don’t do the right job, but to many times they are put back into office to do more damage to this Country and the American work force

The problem today is that people are brain dead and are more worried about what they look like then what is happening in this Country, just turn on your TV and see what is advertised (look sexy To your wife and others, or look sexy for your husband and your boss and coworkers) and these people have no idea what is going on to this Country, and by the time they wake up and see what is Happening it will be to late.

From what I can see I don’t trust ether one of them, they both scare me, but one thing we do know that Obama is not for Americans and we can see what he has not done for this Country, and that is protect it from going up in flames, he has actually poured Gas,Diesel, Natural Gas, and Coal on it, this is probably why these prices are so high, we don’t know if Romney is going to be better or just another Obama and Flip Flop every other week just to cater to the flavor of the week.

All you Legal VOTING Americans need to stop living in the MIRROR and take responsibility for what is happening in this Country, and stop this run away Government from selling it to the lowest bidder, and now it looks like the lowest is going to be the one we owe the most money.

You have well, I can not really say what we have running this Country, but it is not the one you put in there to run this Country because he seems to be surrounded by Hate groups and Terrorist that are telling him what to do, look around, how much time does he spend in DC and not on Air Force One, I can not remember any other President that spends as much time as this President does in Foreign Countries as this one, and then you have President Number Two Flying around on her plane telling every one what they are going to eat.

Now you have a President who turned his back on Religious groups one year to invite the Muslim Religion to the White House, and if you remember he said he was razed in that Religion when he was growing up, than he has the nerve to bring up Mitt Romney Religion, I my self have never had any problem with Mormons like you have with Jehovah witness, and Atheists, I my self have worked with and lived next door to them and never had any problem with them, I told them I was not interested and they never mentioned it again, and we still remained friends.

With Jehovah witness, you get tired of telling them that you are not interested, and come next week-end they are right back knocking on your door, and the will not take NO as an answer, and as the Atheists, they seem to have the court in their back pockets because every time they speak the courts side with them, which as I see it they are going against the United States Constitution on the freedom of  Religion.


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