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Is Best Buy Closing Stores And Laying Off For This?

Comment By Bob L.

Is there any wonder why Americans are losing their jobs, and Companies are leaving this Country so they can pay such outrageous pay packages for Company Executives and CEO’s, it is not all TAXES and Regulations, IT IS GREED.

Did Best Buy here awhile back say that they were going to close some stores and do some down-sizing to save money, Gee that did not last very long, (saving money that is).

Why is every time workers want a good living wage they are told that the Company can not afford it, and they say they are going to have to start laying off to keep their head above water if they are going to make a profit, Gee I wonder why.

How come Government is not regulating these Companies like they are Insurance Companies, and the American Workers, if they did JUST MAYBE the American people would have full-time work.


Best Buy to Pay Richly for CEO Continue reading

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