Where Have All The Jobs Gone???

By Bob L.

Here is a good Question, can any one answer it truthfully?   Where Have All The Jobs Gone???

I can remember Growing up in Pierce County, Tacoma and Seattle seeing lots of Companies like, Cascade pole, Milwaukee Railroad, Saint Paul Lumber, Kaiser Aluminum, Buffelen Door, Western Farmers, St Regis Paper (now Simson), Tacoma News Print, McKenzie Fuel, Skansie Boat Building, Tacoma Navy Base, Nalleys, Western Oyster, Cheney Stud, Stutz Oil, Tacoma Smelter, Mallon Ford, So. Tac. Chev., you can go on and on and you can see the foot prints of all these groups that have put a lot of these companies out of business or it was their greed, but still a lot of Jobs were lost and never replaced, Go to Seattle and see what they are doing for the price of wanting more Stadiums, they don’t care if it chases business out or makes it hard for them to operate, all they can say is we WANT and we will get it no matter what we have to do, even if it mean the cost of jobs.

Where can we start, well we can start with the people, they wanted to much for one, but the truth is that it starts at the bottom with the YUPPIES:

Yuppies want every thing and it has to be top of the line, Housing, Cars, and Jobs, nothing is to good for them, a Fifty Thousand Dollar ($50,000.00) is nothing but a pile of garbage, it has to be nothing less than Five hundred Thousand ($500,000.00) that looks like some one could not read a Blue Print, so by this standard that little thing of Property Taxes comes along, they have to go the Fanciest Restaurants, Live Stage Shows, Art Museums, you can take it from here, and then we have.

Special Interest Groups that just can not keep their Nose out of other people’s business, and think that their plans rule and that every one has to follow them and like it, and these Groups are, Church Organizations , Ladies Organizations, Men’s Organizations, Youth Organizations, and the topper, Government Organizations, then comes.

Environmentalist who are Destroying this Country and the World by Brainwashing every one in to thinking that if you don’t listen to them this Country will not exist, so what they have done is forced Factories and large Companies to go over Seas, for one Taxes, then Regulations, and if that is not bad enough Permits to stay in business, and now the helper to Environmentalist.

Environmental Protection Agency, (see how the Circle always ends up back at the Government FRONT DOOR and BACK) along with the help with the Environmentalist, Special Interest, and Yuppies, have run these Companies out with Permits, and Fines, and where this all leads is Greed and Growth, Greed for more money, and Growth to build more Homes, Malls, and we can not for get the most important thing they all want is, Golf Courses, Parks, and Garbage Dumps instead of coming up with ways to use it to produce Electricity, and with all the brains that they say that they have but can not prove it, they should be able to come up with a clean burning plant that meets their standers of Clean Energy, and now we get to the last straw.

THE GOVERNMENT who think that they own every thing and can put you out on the street any time they want ( they’re doing a good job of that now), they have TAXED, FINED, and FORCED Companies to leave.

Companies have done a lot of this to them selves by wanting more for their Stock Holders and their own Wages for the sake of the bottom line as they say before they laid you off, but they still don’t get it, for all the Education that they are supposed to have, they are pretty Dumb, any one with an Eighth Grade Education knows that you can not keep taking money out, that you are going to go broke if you don’t put money back in, there is your bottom line, plain and simple, more take than give.

The American people have to stop run away Taxes, Prices, Corporate and Government GREED, if we don’t, no one will be able to afford any thing, it seems that they don’t care what happens to this Country as long as the make their money and a good standard of living to where they can afford any thing that they want, this is where another part of how dumb they are, If  PEOPLE DON’T WORK PEOPLE DON’T BUY. And if this is the case then they might just as well move out, No Production, Nothing to Sell, No one Working, and No One To Buy.

Drive around your Cities and Counties and look at all the Vacant Buildings and Minnie Malls, some are from over building, and others are Out or Going Out of Business, what does that tell you about the future, and what your Children and Grand Children and down the line, is this what you want to leave them with. Only the people can take control of what is going on, stop voting in the same people who are causing the problem, a good example is when they tell you that if you want to see it you have to pass it, that is not how this Country was set up to run, if you don’t know, go look at the United States Constitution.

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