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Where Have All The Jobs Gone???

By Bob L.

Here is a good Question, can any one answer it truthfully?   Where Have All The Jobs Gone???

I can remember Growing up in Pierce County, Tacoma and Seattle seeing lots of Companies like, Cascade pole, Milwaukee Railroad, Saint Paul Lumber, Kaiser Aluminum, Buffelen Door, Western Farmers, St Regis Paper (now Simson), Tacoma News Print, McKenzie Fuel, Skansie Boat Building, Tacoma Navy Base, Nalleys, Western Oyster, Cheney Stud, Stutz Oil, Tacoma Smelter, Mallon Ford, So. Tac. Chev., you can go on and on and you can see the foot prints of all these groups that have put a lot of these companies out of business or it was their greed, but still a lot of Jobs were lost and never replaced, Go to Seattle and see what they are doing for the price of wanting more Stadiums, they don’t care if it chases business out or makes it hard for them to operate, all they can say is we WANT and we will get it no matter what we have to do, even if it mean the cost of jobs. Continue reading

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