Just More Of Obama’s Dirty Politics


Comment By Bob L.

Is This How We Teach
Freedom To Our Children,
To Lie To Get their Way

The Bald Eagle is a noble Bird and is suppose to stand for Honor and Freedom, but today I don’t think that even the Eagle would want to stick up for this Administration.

I can not believe that some one is so scared that they won’t get a second term that they would stoop so low to lying because they knows that they were not qualified in the First place to do the job.

The President is always Bringing up the Education of our Children and get a Good Education, but is this a good example of how he wants it done, and what does this show to his own Kids about getting a Good Education, or is he teaching them to Lie, Cheat, and Steal to get where they want to go in life, if it is he is doing a good job of it, first hand, keep it up Mr. Obama and your Girls to be just like you.

I might be wrong but this might be the dirtiest Election sense  2009, and the most PINOCCHIO’S in an Election, and how long will the nose be by the time the Election is over. I think that it will be so long that they will not be able to hold up their heads.


Obama Ad Alleges Romney Role in ‘Notorious’ Tax Scandal

By Devin Dwyer | ABC OTUS News

COLORADO SPRINGS – As he decries the negativity of campaign ads while on the stump in battleground states, President Obama should take a close look in the mirror. His campaign Thursday continued its vigorous pace of attacks on rival Mitt Romney, with a new TV ad alleging the presumptive GOP presidential nominee once participated in “one of the largest tax avoidance schemes in history.” READ MORE


What do Hooters, a closed steel mill, and taxes have in common?

By Amy Walter | Power Players

Politically Foul

It was the most politically foul week yet. Harry Reid hits below the belt. The Obama and Romney campaigns call each other names. Sen. Bill Nelson calls his opponent a tax cheatin,’ road ragin’, Hooters promotin’ slacker. READ MORE

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