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When are we going to have Truthful Government!

Comment By Bob L.

When are the American people going to put a stop to dirty Politics and hold all politicians liable for lying, and lying to the public to get Elected should be classified a Felony because it involves a lot of money and Violation of laws and the Constitution if Elected.

I don’t know about you but I am getting tired of being lied to by these Public Officials to get bigger Pay Packages for work that they don’t do, because if they have to bring in an outside company to do their job then these people should be fired because they do not know how to do their job that they were hired to do, this goes for all, from the top to the little¬†peon at the bottom, and this is Presidents and¬†Czars, Governors, County boards, and Mayors and all who get their pay from Taxpayers. Continue reading

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