The Heartless: Who Are They

Comment By Bob L.

The HEARTLESS are all around you, does any one really know who they are, well if  the people were more attentive to what is going on in this Country, they would have no problem picking them out and why, you will see why and maybe under stand how.

Where can I start, from the Top the Middle or the Bottom, lets start at the bottom.

The Homeless: The homeless are not there because they want to be, but they put them selves there, What, YES, they are the ones that did not think that by buying things that they could not afford would put them there, but you can not really call them Heartless, they just did not think about the consequences of spending more than they brought in but hoping for a wage increase, but thinking that the Government might help them. (Heartless thinking that way)

The Poor: The poor are not yet homeless but close, WHY, they are living and depending on the Government to support their lifestyle and say that the Government owes it to them, what you say, YES, because they refuse to go to work and drawing money that should be protecting this Country. (Heartless and Tax Money)

The Middle Class: This is the YUPPY class they have to every thing, and the best that money can buy, they don’t want to see any thing looking cheap, it has to be built by a high-priced Architect and looking like some thing you would see in Future, well the problem with this is that it takes a lot of Tax money, this also goes for roads, look at these road projects around the Country, they puts more wear-and-tear on vehicles (tires and suspensions) when you have to make a U-turn to go back to a business that you passed on the other side of the street. Well eventually it will put these businesses out of business, but they do not care because the want all this beauty but don’t care about cost of its maintenance. (Heartless more Tax Money)

The Governments: They depend on the Taxpayer to pay for their Wages, Automatic Pay raises and Cost of living every year with no comments from Americans, Medical, and free Transportation. They protect the rich so they can leave office rich.( Heartless and all Tax Money) This in some part goes for government workers also.

In the Part of the Government,  they don’t know how to spend money, they think that it is there  to spend at will and think that it will always be there, they build big fancy Buildings and let them get run down, then go build another, but what they are for getting about is that every time they raise taxes and more regulations, they are putting more people on the street, and more people out of work. It is Taxes that raise prices on every thing else like Utilities, Water, Sewer, Gasoline, Food, Rent or House payments, but you can not for get Government Employees wages that also add to this (Tax Money), you can go on and see what Tax increases do to the economy and the ones who are getting hurt, the Seniors and WORKING Poor, the ones who Work and WANT to Work but get minimum wage or a set income.

The Rich: What can you say about the rich, they live off the American People in two ways, One, by taking wages away from their workers who make the Company what it is to give them selves Million Dollar Wages and Bonuses every year, and Two, Taxes, sure they pay their fare share of taxes, but what they fail to tell you is that they have tax loopholes that the average American taxpayer does not have, so how much do they get back at the end of the year. (Heartless and use Tax money instead of their money, Called corporate Welfare)

Now you have Seniors: You have Rich, Middle Class, and then Seniors that live on Limited Incomes which is mostly Social Security, and out of that they pay for Medicare that some think that they get free. But now you add it all up for Seniors, out of what they get they have to pay for Rent, food and Medical that is not covered under Medicare or spend $200 to $400 to get Insurance above Medicare, and any other thing that comes along that is required that has to be paid, and when it come to rent, not every one can get help from the Government to help pay their rent, so these Seniors are on the border line of living on the street.

So to break it all down, every one of these people are responsible for being Heartless, but the ones that want every thing and want it now are the ones that are People who are the most HEARTLESS.

The Heartless are the ones that will spend Thousands and Millions in charities to corrupt Countries to feed their people who get very little of what is sent, but when your own people need help they turn their backs, then you have people who collect for their own charities and pocket some of the money from tax loopholes instead of giving it back, gee wiz that sounds just like big Corporations who draw off millions to put in their pockets instead of putting it back in to keep prices down and keep the companies profitable, but no they want to blame the working person for their profit loss. (Very Heartless)  They seem to think that high prices mean bigger pay for them, but it is the opposite they lose money because very few can afford to buy, and if people are not buying people are not working, so this shows that Business and Government work hand in hand to profit while helping other Countries.

They say that they are not out to KILL Grandma, but with taxes going up, that is just what they are doing, because eventually she will not be able to pay for rent, and she will be living in a cardboard box trying to keep warm and buy food or what ever she can do to survive.

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