Washingtons Piggy Bank Is Just About Through Shitting Out Money


Comment By Bob L.

The problems with these Government Agencies think that they can spend as much money they want, thinking that they have and end less Piggy Bank and it will keep SHITTING out money any time they want it, all they have to do is dangle a little tidbit and they will get the Taxpayer to give them any amount of money they want, well the piggy bank is just about though SHITTING for these ignorant Politicians who thought that their College Education made them smart, (just like water the well eventually runs dry) well it went the other way, it shows how dumb they are because they thought that Two Plus Two did not stop at Four, they think that it is end less, the same way they think that money would never run out, well Taxpayers can not continually Bail them out.

I think it Cost more to Pay Tolls to cross Washington Bridges then it does to ride Pierce Trance from Olympia and back, but it is getting to the point where people who live in E-Check Counties can no longer afford to pay for license plates or Tabs, we Seem to be supporting the rest of the state because we pay more to live in these Counties then people who drive here FIVE or SIX Days a Week who cause a lot of the Pollution, while we pay for the high price for Pollution that these others don’t have to pay, and I would like to know why Thurston County and others can Drive in these Counties for FREE.

WA tourist attractions, museums and oddball landmarks
How Many are Being Funded and Maintained By Tax Money

Deteriorating roads, the way I look at it is, spend the taxpayers money on more Important things then what you in Government and YUPPIES want, like PLANTS in the middle of roadways, Death Cycles that they are putting in at intersections that are a miss use of Taxpayer funds, that make it hard to get trucks around to make delivers as well slows down response of Emergency Vehicles let alone to get through the inter sections when people speed around them.

Now how many landscape projects and Statues and what ever that have nothing to do with the maintenance of this State of Washington, or was it used for DOME STADIUMS, and now a possible Basket Ball and Hockey STADIUM.

These Government Agencies had better start using Taxpayer money to better use then for fancy memorabilia and trash that have nothing to do with the States Obligations to the Taxpayers.

The State waste more money on things that THEY want then what is good for the States SAFETY, they waste it on Extravagant Wages, Health Care, Retirement, and how about Travel around the World saying to help the state, and any thing that benefits THEM but not the State, I thought that was the Chamber of commerce that was to bring in business to the State, Counties and Cities not to send it off shore.

Now that the States Have given out such good Wage Packages, Health Care and Retirements, it has come back to BITE Them in the BUTT, because it has gotten to the point that it Spends more in that then it does to run the states, so now they are going BANKRUPT and want to tax the hell out of its Citizens and put them in to the poor house, or let us say, in a CARDBOARD BOX any where they can put it and try to be safe, I SAY MAKE THEM EAT THEIR MESS THEY CAUSED, NOT THE TAXPAYER, they brought it on them selves along with the YUPPIES who just had to have it all, now make them pay for it.

How many Museums, Theaters, Road Side Attractions, Transit Systems, Rail Systems, and Road Side Art that is being Subsidized and Maintained by Taxpayers while the states and Government are complaining about going Broke.


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