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Washingtons Piggy Bank Is Just About Through Shitting Out Money


Comment By Bob L.

The problems with these Government Agencies think that they can spend as much money they want, thinking that they have and end less Piggy Bank and it will keep SHITTING out money any time they want it, all they have to do is dangle a little tidbit and they will get the Taxpayer to give them any amount of money they want, well the piggy bank is just about though SHITTING for these ignorant Politicians who thought that their College Education made them smart, (just like water the well eventually runs dry) well it went the other way, it shows how dumb they are because they thought that Two Plus Two did not stop at Four, they think that it is end less, the same way they think that money would never run out, well Taxpayers can not continually Bail them out. Continue reading

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People are not that stupid

Comment By Bob L.

Look Nice if you have the money to afford one.

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There are Good Companies and Bad, Good pay to Low pay and High pressure running. My wife and my self  have been their and saw the problems starting to crash.If you are looking to becoming a Truck Driver, here is a good place to look and get it from a person who is out there trying to make a good living wage, but you have to remember that the Federal Government has their hand in that Operation as well as who ever you work for, but the problem is that these people (Federal and States) to say have no idea what a real Truck Driver has to put up with every day, and that they are out there trying to keep things available for people to Buy.


I can tell this,¬† that people in cars don’t want you ON THEIR HIGHWAYS, and then you have to think about ROADWAYS that are NOT Designed for Trucks, but yet you have Companies that are in places that are in restricted locations, and times that you are to be in and out of there.

If you are really interested,this is a good place to start. Click on Header or Here

Good luck on what ever you decide to do.


Tons of Trucking Jobs … That Nobody Wants

By Aaron Smith | CNNMoney.com
07-24-2012 Continue reading

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