The Collapse of Free Enterprise!!!

Comment By Bob L.

All problems that happens in this Country, leads right back to Federal, State, County, and City Governments that spend more than they take in, so they Tax thinking that they have an endless money tree, problem is the tree is gone, so what are they going to do, tax until they have to file for Bankruptcy, and then sell out to who will buy them out.

To day the Government is now running every thing in all Americans life, and the American has no longer any say in what is going to happen in this country.

Look at what is happening in this Country, back when are Ancestor’s moved to this Country, they worked together to Form a Country from where excessive taxes by their leaders who did not care about the people, they were only concerned about them selves and what they can make, and today this is still happening, this Government is doing the same thing that our ancestors fought against.

What ever happen to that American Dream, you could say greed has taken over, you might say what do you mean greed, well look back when land owners were too lazy to do the work themselves or their families, and the same goes today, Americans have not changed,  so they went to Africa and kidnapped young Africans and enslaved them to do their work that they would not do them selves, well fast forward to today, and what do you see, well for one, now that the Blacks finally got away from slavery what happen, their punishment for doing that, is NO WORK, so today Government, and Corporations have gotten so greedy that they now treat all American workers as Slaves and no one says any thing about inhumane treatment of the way they treat the Homeless and the Hungry because they don’t make enough  money for a place to live or buy food, so today the Government is now producing people who don’t want to work and want a free hand out, and why is this, the Government is picking and choosing who is going to work.

Did the Government stop it back then, how about today, they still promote Slavery, but today it is every one who does not make it up to Two Hundred Thousand Dollars per person, no matter who you are, and they even bring them in from other Countries to punish Americans for wanting a decent wage and health care not being run by Government which means higher taxes, and every time the Government steps in, taxes go higher so they have more to spend somewhere else other than for America.

Today Americans will need Social Security more than ever to retire on being that just about every American has lost their Retirement do to the Government involvement putting more people looking for work since the Great Depression, and a lot of them have lost their life savings that they were saving for their retirement.

Now today who took the place of the Blacks, Illegals from Mexico, do you see any one saying hold on, but the problem is that they get paid a slave wage so that is OK it’s not inhumane treatment like it was for the black slaves, but now it is all right and they even protest to let greedy Corporations take advantage of them, and the Government today is doing the same thing that the Government did in years past, allowing slavery to go on.

Now as time goes on, today slavery for all Americans who are not Corporate and Government workers have no say on what goes on in this Country, and Taxation and Slavery are still running rampant and no end in sight as long as there are Lobbyist, Banks, Government, and the Rich who run this Country, and as long as the American People bury their heads up their ASS or in the SAND this will continue to happen.

I can remember at the end of the Depression mostly all people went out and worked in the fields to get food for the table and to help the Farmers get in their crops, then Guess who Came Along to put a stop to it, GOVERNMENT AGENCIES who would not let families work in the fields unless they had a WORK PERMIT and a minimum age of SIXTEEN to even be caught anywhere near the field, and today the Federal Government is trying to stop any member of a Farm Family Under the age of Sixteen from working on any thing like Farms, Four H, and FFA, Future Farmers of America, or better known as any thing to do with Farms, or even to have your kids do any thing around your house, KNOW WONDER KIDS TODAY ARE LAZY AND WANT EVERY THING HANDED TO THEM ON A SILVER PLATTER, EVEN FOR MONEY, they call these people YUPPIES.

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