If It is Born,Walks,Talks,Then Tax Until It Kills,Then Tax That

Comment By Bob L.

Now that the IRS is involved, you can forget about this health care being covered here in the United States, Obama will use it for other Countries as he has said in the past, if you think back a few years, he made the comment that Africans need help in Health care and this is why he is for Cap and Tax, to take away

from Americans and give it to the world because we have so much money here.

If I believe this right, being the IRS is involved, this money will go into the GENERAL FUND, not into a health plan coverage, but it will be spent on every thing else just like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security have been spent on bailing out Wall Street, and Companies that have gone bankrupt and outsourced the work overseas, where as the case on where the Tobacco law suit said that the money had to go into covering people in all states to cover health problems, not go into the GENERAL FUND, but guess what, ask these states where this money is, and what it is being spent on.

I believe they said that this will help bring down the debt, if this is true then HOW will bring down the debt if it is a health program, Oh I know, they will send it to help other Countries, we will see very little of it, that is why they want full control of health care.

The way it sounds Obama has More Taxes coming after the first of the year for all, but he will not do it him self, he will have his Czars raise taxes, like E.P.A., Schools (increases for Teachers), Public Safety (for the Unions), then you have Government Employees to Get their yearly cost of living increase.

Why is it that all these people who approve of Obamacare all have good jobs and good pay that can afford to buy good Health Insurance are for Obamacare, just like these Politicians say how good Obamacare is, if this is such a good Insurance, THEN WHY are the POLITICIANS who are pushing it not Having to pay for it themselves instead of Americans supporting their Health Insurance.

Obama makes a comment on some of his videos saying that people say that he wants to take control of every thing, well lets look at what he now controls:

    Auto manufacturers
Federal Reserve
Wall Street
    Health Care
    Businesses through Taxes and Tighter  Regulations
    Oil, Gas, and Coal Control
    And ALL Democrats and Czars who keep adding more Taxes
    Education and
     What foods we can eat

Nancy Pelosi on Health Care Mandate: ‘Goodbye to The Free Riders, LOOK who is talking about free loaders when Americans are paying for their health care, we can not afford to pay for our own but yet we have to pay for theirs.

I know all these people who can not see their nose in front of their face and see where this Country is headed, they will never admit there is any thing wrong in this Country this goes for Republicans, but Democrats are the biggest whiners, it seems that is where you will find most of the YUPPIES in this Country where they can get any thing they want.

Next step One World Government. Whether you want to believe it or not, and you can’t see it coming, then you are BLIND, just look at what is happening around the world today and try to deny that they are not out to destroy the world to get CONTROL.

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