This Is A Sad Day For American, It May Already Be Gone

My Opinion By Bob L.

In his Obamacare ruling, John Roberts called the president a tax-and-spend liberal

This Is A Sad Day For Most Americans, they are saying to get on with getting people back to work, but if any one with any BRAINS should know that a company can not hire people if they are close to going BANKRUPT if this Government puts more Regulations and Taxes on these Companies, but this is what this Country want, is to put this Country under one WORLD control, not sure check Government operations since the death of JFK.

Check out what is not mentioned when it come to One World Government, and one World Bank. Take your pick, and just think Obama and some Democrats are the ones going to make this happen, I know you all think that it will never happen, you better look again, it is closer than you think.

Obama got his way, he now has control of using Gestapo tactic by using the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE to intimidate Americans if they don’t do what Obama wants.

High court upholds Obama health law!

Obama swears that is not a tax on Americans

Obama Tax Promises

Now how many States are going to find themselves filing for Bankruptcy with what Obama is trying to do, NOW, is that saving jobs, NO, but at least Government Employees will have Guaranteed  job and Health Care.

GAO report: At least $1.4 billion of Obama’s stimulus went to tax cheats (

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