You Get Nothing for Nothing BECAUSE Santa Claus is DEAD

Comment By Bob L.

As the old saying goes, You Get Nothing for Nothing BECAUSE Santa Claus is DEAD, this saying still stands today and people think that this is modern  America where things have changed, well you better review that thought, because it is worst then it was years back.

Who do you think controls this Country today, look at it as a circle, start with the Government, you want a job, no job, WHY, Circle leads right back to Government CONTROL, so what is being said is, that every thing ends up right back in the Governments lap, round and round it goes and it always stops at the Government who controls every thing to keep this Country moving, if you don’t think so then get your head out of your Party Line YUPPY ass and look, and don’t leave it up to some one else to do it for you, Oh I for got that is how you do it.

Just look at what every one including Obama is telling you, go to college and get a good job when you get out, well the way this Country is run today you are better off to skipping a big College and find a good trade School or local college that does not ask for you to borrow from loan sharks like the Government.

The Government talks big about giving you a student loan without a pay back, but what is that going to entail after you get out, that you are not being told, and if you are so smart, then where do you think that free money is going to come from, oh TAXES, (Got a job), you can not give any one money if no one is working to pay their TAXES, if you don’t know this Government of today, then you are one of those who don’t care about this Country, only for what you can get out of it for free.

If you don’t know by now that the Government want to have full control over every thing that happens in this Country, then you better get your YUPPY ass blinders off and start joining in and help get this Country back from a DICTATOR Government who want you under their thumb, and have full control, and if you have not noticed they are doing a good job of full control now.

I am getting tired of hearing I Am a Democrat or I Am a Republican, well as an In Dependent, I don’t have my head stuck up some ones ass way of thinking, I think for my self and not told how to vote.

I like a lot of Americans can see what is going on, we are not brain washed Party Liners who only VOTE for Party line and not what is good for this Country, and we want to preserve the Constitution of the United States and not let it be taken over by TRADERS and DICTATORS.


‘Student loans have basically ruined my life’: Yahoo! News readers talk about their experiences with educational debt

By Phoebe Connelly, Yahoo! News | The Lookout

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