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You Get Nothing for Nothing BECAUSE Santa Claus is DEAD

Comment By Bob L.

As the old saying goes, You Get Nothing for Nothing BECAUSE Santa Claus is DEAD, this saying still stands today and people think that this is modernĀ  America where things have changed, well you better review that thought, because it is worst then it was years back.

Who do you think controls this Country today, look at it as a circle, start with the Government, you want a job, no job, WHY, Circle leads right back to Government CONTROL, so what is being said is, that every thing ends up right back in the Governments lap, round and round it goes and it always stops at the Government who controls every thing to keep this Country moving, if you don’t think so then get your head out of your Party Line YUPPY ass and look, and don’t leave it up to some one else to do it for you, Oh I for got that is how you do it. Continue reading

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