A slap in the face to all Un-employed Americans

By Bob L.

How can any one running for an office be so cold to tell the American people to tighten their belts and then brag about how much they are spending to become some one running for office.

It seems that every time that you turn on the news that they are talking about how much they are blowing to become a public Official, and how much they have raised, now how come these people who can afford to spend this much money can not use it to help the American people, but no they are only spending it on people who already have the money.

That money could be used to help pay down the debt, but they would rather use it to get richer, why not make them use their own money if they want to get into a public office, or are they afraid that they would be broke if they did not win, make it this way, make it illegal to pay any money or gift to any one who is or going to or run for any Public office, you want the job, pay as you go, and if you receive any help to jail you go.


Socially awkward

By Al DiGuido
June 5, 2012

Take it from a long-time marketer, and let me say it in less than 140 characters: The GOP needs 2 wake up & go social if it wants to close its biggest gap with Prez Obama & win the White House. More


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