Entitlement Complaints: Medicare and Medicaid

Comment By Bob L.

Entitlement Complaints: Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, enough is enough, what would you do if that was the only INCOME you could get when it came time to retire, would you still say that if you lost every thing and that was all you could get when you retired, would you still say get rid of it, or would be thankful that it was still there, you can see what privatizing can do. This is nothing but when it is time to retire, you are not needed any more, so go in a corner and DIE, because we are not going to help you any more.

I my self am getting tired of all these people or YUPPIES saying go private so they can put away what we want, but do you really think that people would put away for retirement, or would they spend it because it was there. People have had all these years to build a retirement package but didn’t, WHY? (Because they spent more than they had coming in).

Look at all these people who want the Government to privatize Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, every one of them are making SIX FIGURE INCOMES, then turn right around and draw Social Security with a big retirement package, PLUS some are millionaires, you don’t hear them say I can not receive it because I did not pay in to it, they can’t wait to add it to their retirement.

Today there are a lot of people who will not have an income when they can retire, not because they did not save while they had a job, but that is not true, many have lost every thing because of a Government who could care and braking this Country, and now a lot of these unemployed are too old to get a job to get a retirement, then what are they going to use for money, go out and rob Banks, People, or Stores, or how about Shoplifting to feed their Families, we going to go back to times in Old Country when they kill you for stealing a loaf of bread, or put you in the stocks in the open weather for punishment.

This Clock says what is happening to this Country.

Today this Country is getting so advanced with Computers that you will never get all the people to work, because there will never be enough job for the people in this Country, Legal or Illegal until the Government reverses a lot of regulations and allows kids to work in the fields at a younger age with their Family to earn money for school, and parents to get produce to feed their families like they use to.

After the depression this how people made money so the kids could have money for school and the parents could make some money to go to the store for food they could not get from the field, but the problem is if you have not noticed how the Government and Special Interest groups are stopping kids from getting jobs and even trying to stop farm kids from joining FFA, 4H, and working on their family farm until they turn SIXTEEN, just like the way they stopped other kids from getting a JOB, SO, WHO do we blame for no jobs, you got it, Special interest, and GOVERNMENT with its Czars at the White House, all from Local to Federal Governments.

And another problem in this Country is that we have greedy people who want all the money so that means they will not hire any one with a wage that they can live on, if you don’t believe that then look at what they are doing, installing computers to do the job of a human so the extra money will go into a bigger pay check to them, but there is a big problem that it look like every one is forgetting, WHO is going to buy their products with no one working, or WHO is going to pay taxes if the only ones with a job are the greedy people with all the money.

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