Health Care Costs, Falls Behind In Quality: Study

By Bob L.

Ben Hoffman from THE HOFFMAN POST is right about health care in this Country, but take a look at the TOP Executives of these Insurance Companies in how much they get paid now compared to years past, and how much more has been added to Health Insurance that does not have any thing to do with health care so these YUPPIES can look good in the mirror and to other. Remember they must have the best of every thing. (YUPPIES   Originally meaning Young Urban Professionals. Usually referring to one who exhibits pretentious or snobbish behavior.)

So when it comes to needing care there is no money to pay for it, and when it comes to regulations, the Government has control of what and where and how much, but not how much can be milked off before it gets down to the people.

The Government controls every thing else but not Corporate Profits, lets start there and regulate how much a person has to pay and how much corporate can use to pay them selves, just like they did to the Work Class Wages back in the late 1960’s when it came to pay raises.


The Hoffman Post

By Ben Hoffman
May 4, 2012

U.S. Leads Industrialized Nations In Health Care Costs, Falls Behind In Quality: Study

Health care in America costs more than in other industrialized nation and we aren’t even getting the world’s best care for our dollars, according to a new study.

The United States spent $7,960 per capita on health care in 2009, the most of 13 industrialized nations in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, reports the Commonwealth Fund, a research institution. That’s almost three times the amount spent in Japan, which has the lowest expenses of the countries reviewed.

Americans pay the highest prices for physician visits, hospital treatments and prescription drugs and get expensive diagnostic tests like MRIs at a higher-than-average rate. More Americans are obese, too, though the nation’s population is younger than all the other countries but New Zealand and is the least likely to smoke cigarettes than people anywhere but Sweden, according to the report.

Escalating prices for health care and high use of potentially wasteful, inefficient and unnecessary medical services are the main reasons for the rapidly escalating cost of health insurance, the growing ranks of the uninsured and the fiscal burdens of Medicare and Medicaid. Big price tags also lead Americans, even those with health insurance, to go without care they need.

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