Global Warming Man Made Yes Or No: Salton Sea.

Comment By Bob L.

Is Global Warming caused from man, YES, but NOT  from the way you would think, it is caused by GREED for money, this has already been proven that was a scam, think about it if you are SMART, lets start with the Ice Age, did man have Oil Refineries, Coal fired Generating Plants, Steel Mills, Cars and Trucks, or was Man even around then?

They say that Ice covered the earth, what happen to make the ice start to melt, and keep it melting, does any one really know?
Does any one know when man arrived on earth? Does any know when fire was first used? And the BIG question what caused the ice to start melting? Was it man or the solar system and the earths rotation, or was it volcano’s became active? How about something from outer space like a comet hitting earth?

Now lets look at today, man is covering up the land with Homes, Asphalt, Concrete, Factories, and Warehouses  and every one of them gets rid of vegetation, and what do we need that for, and this also keeps rain from going back into the ground to replenish the ground water, I don’t know, do you, that was one thing that you learned in science, Earths Cycle, Does Any One Today know what it is, Government  Agencies DON”T, they only see it as $$$$$ Dollars in their pockets.

If you don’t know what gives you sustainable life until death, and what is needed to keep this great earth alive, go to Utah Education Network, and read every thing it has to say, and just think you should have learned this in school, unless you skipped it and went straight to dumb and said I don’t need this I will never use it.

If you want to keep this Great Earth alive, every one has to stop destroying it with greed for them selves, by destroying all vegetation for what you need to clean and purify the air, for if you keep building more Homes, Warehouses, and laying down more Asphalt and Concrete, you will continue to deplete the OXYGEN we need to stay alive.


Salton Sea: Is it drying up?

By Claudine Zap | The Upshot
Wed, Apr 25, 2012

The sea needs runoff from the farming community to survive—but a 2003 deal diverts water from some of the farms to San Diego County instead.

The once-thriving sea in southeastern California that was a resort mecca is in danger of becoming an environmental disaster. Interest in the water body, along with a BBC report, caused searches on “Salton Sea” to surge on the Web.

The inland sea, close to Coachella, which may have caught the eye of recent festival attendees, stretches a massive 360 square miles, and is getting smallerand saltier.

The sea has a long history in the area:  Once part of the Colorado River Delta, the water body holds the dirt that was left when the Grand Canyon was carved out. In places, the sediment is a mile deep, making it, as Michael Cohen, a senior researcher for the Pacific Institute, told Yahoo News, “the anti-Grand Canyon.”

For millenia, the Colorado River filled and emptied lakes  that predate the current Salton Sea. Around 1905 the area flooded again, and the Salton Sea was born. The glorious weather coupled with the smooth sea became a mecca for vacationers and sport fishermanand a refuge for millions of  migrating birds.

Today, even though the vacationers have stopped coming and many of the fish have died from the sea’s high salt level and poor water quality, the site remains a major stopover for migrating birds.

The sea needs runoff from the farming community to survive—but a 2003 deal diverts water from some of the farms to San Diego County instead. With less water flowing in and a high evaporation rate, the Salton Sea has already shrunk by more than 14 square miles in less than a decade.

                                                            Click on image for more photos

The problem has been studied, but the state is broke, and funds have dried up.  Even the Salton Sea State Recreation Area, a place where people still come to fish tilapia and camp,  is scheduled to close on July 1 due to budget cuts.

As the sea shrinks, dust from the exposed lake bed is blowing toward neighboring Coachella, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Imperial County, and the Mexican border.

Cohen, who has studied the issue, says the Salton Sea is looking at a major decline in just five-and-a-half years, when the water it gets from agricultural runoff will drop off. With most of California wetlands already gone, that would leave many of the 400 species of birds found at the sea with no place to go, and a scary cloud of dust that would threaten the air quality.

Cohen is pretty sure that the state of California will put off making a decision on the sea’s  future—which will come with a multibillion-dollar price tag—as long as possible: “By the time the news cameras descend on the sea in 2018 to broadcast images of dust storms blotting out the sky and thousands of dead birds and fish along its shores, it will be far too late.”

Editor’s note: This post has been updated to clarify details of the history of the Salton Sea.

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