Washington State WOW, Smart or just Stupid

Comment By Bob L.

Boy People are really smart when it comes to being stupid, tax the hell out of Tobacco for public Health, Yah let’s do that, that will teach them to ruin my health, but don’t do any thing to my Marijuana, because that is healthy, and don’t touch my Booze, both of them are good for your health, hell with second-hand smoke from my Marijuana, people won’t mind, it’s only Cigarettes that you have to worry about Second hand Smoke being a health hazard to others, and my Booze won’t Kill any one.

This State is cutting job to save money, but when it come to doing their work in Olympia, they wait until the end of the secession to do any thing, then they want to come back at $10,000 Dollars a day to do the job that they should have done when they were in secession, BUT NO, they had other things to do like travel. DO THE JOB WHEN IN SECESSION, NO MORE SPECIAL SECESSIONS.


Roll-your-own smokes tax has retailers fuming

ALEXIS KRELL | Staff writer • Published April 02, 2012

But supporters of taxing roll-your-owns like retail cigarettes say the Legislature should be more concerned with fairness and public health.


Comment By Bob L.

While traveling the Forty Eight States, I have seen a lot of changes to the Road ways  and non of them to the good, a lot of them were made more dangerous, take these death circles that these YUPPIES think that are the cats pajamas, but the time is going to come when they start becoming nothing but death traps, time will come, for one they slow down Emergency Vehicles, two the more cars that will use them, people will get in a hurry trying to go where thy want to go so they push their way in and cause an Accident, for what, State, Counties, and Cities to save money on traffic lights, Stop signs.

Drive around and just look at all these traffic lights that are so far out of adjustment for traffic flow, and Intersections that are poorly planed, WHY do you need a double turn lane to turn on to a single lane, is to tie up traffic, or is it so you will burn more gas, THAT’S IT, I thought it was because of not knowing how to do their jobs.

People don’t care they run stop signs, they run Traffic lights, so what makes you think that they won’t start forcing their way in to these circles, a drunk does not care if it is a Traffic Circle, Traffic Light or a Stop Sign, they are still going to charge in to them, possibly killing some one in your Family.

How about these new improved four lane roadways where they took away your right to make a left turn into a business, NO now you have to go down to the end of the block make a U-turn and go back, in the mean time you are using more gas, putting stress on your Steering suspension plus wear and tear on your tires, now is that not nice of your Government to help you spend more money, then just think when it comes time to maintain the center, they will close it back down to a TWO Lane road again if it is Now Four Lanes, if it is a TWO Lane then it will be a ONE Lane, more gas used.

I guess this is all because Fire and Police have been cut so bad that the police can no longer be allowed to do their jobs.

This State has quite bunch of got to haves, but any state you go to is the same way, they want every thing but when it comes to paying for it, WHERE DID THE MONEY GO TO, then it is will you help us by passing another tax, because we are in debt, but we don’t want you to know that we are going to build another stadium or we are going to build some more fancy road side eye sores that we don’t need instead of putting the money where it is supposed to go.

The state says that they don’t have enough money to make all these Highways safe if we have an Earthquake, WHY, now the Question is, where did all that Gas tax increase that they had Washingtonians pass go?

If I can remember a few years back, the Federal highway fund that the State got went in to help build TWO stadiums not to what the state got it for, and just think they want to build another one for Basketball, NOW just think, where do you think they will get that money from, another tax to pay off the debt.

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