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Washington State WOW, Smart or just Stupid

Comment By Bob L.

Boy People are really smart when it comes to being stupid, tax the hell out of Tobacco for public Health, Yah let’s do that, that will teach them to ruin my health, but don’t do any thing to my Marijuana, because that is healthy, and don’t touch my Booze, both of them are good for your health, hell with second-hand smoke from my Marijuana, people won’t mind, it’s only Cigarettes that you have to worry about Second hand Smoke being a health hazard to others, and my Booze won’t Kill any one.

This State is cutting job to save money, but when it come to doing their work in Olympia, they wait until the end of the secession to do any thing, then they want to come back at $10,000 Dollars a day to do the job that they should have done when they were in secession, BUT NO, they had other things to do like travel. DO THE JOB WHEN IN SECESSION, NO MORE SPECIAL SECESSIONS.


Roll-your-own smokes tax has retailers fuming

ALEXIS KRELL | Staff writer • Published April 02, 2012 Continue reading

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