Hoodie support shows Ignorance of Americans Over Life or Death

Comment By  Support Trayvon Martin and his Family

Update on my Article, [ I can see that it has already been misinterpreted just like an Agitator wants it read, rain or not, people walk in the rain without a hat, Hoodie or an unbralla, but the thing is I don’t care, he was still killed, no matter how you want to cut it, and untill it makes it to the courts, not a vigilante group, the media can put any spin on how ever they want, and it will not be fact untill the last word is said, and even they have said that there is not enough from the 911 tapes to make a judgement ].

Marching around with a HOODIE up is in poor taste, and not going to help the death or Trayvon Martin, it only shows the Ignorance of the all the  people involved, the only thing that can help is the people joining hand in hand to stop these thing from happening, people going to any of these problems as Agitators is not going to solve any thing but cause more problems, Hoodies as I see it, is the cause of problems the give Blacks and Hispanics a bad name, and you can not deny it.

Look around and what do you see every time some one is robbed, killed, or a bank or a store robbed, usually what is the first thing that comes out, it looked like a black man or a mexican, even though it could have been any other nationality that was behind it, how do you know, he was wearing a HOODIE and I could not see him that well but he looked Black, or it was dark and I could not see his face, does any of this sound familiar.

GeraldoRivera said it right don’t let your kids wear hoodies, he said every one, but as usual you have Agitators who just can’t leave well enough alone, they have to find any thing to keep Racial Profiling and Racism going instead of trying to solve the problem they would rather keep it going.

This is In support of Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Could be ANY ones Son, but this time it as Trayvon, who’s Son will it be next?

This Hoodie march has nothing to do with the death of Trayvon, it is only to protect the Hoodie, not His Death.

The Hoodie is just another tool  for some one to keep Racism stirred up, because if the people were really concerned about Trayvon, that Hoodie would not be the subject of his death, the subject of his death is hate, WHY?

Why do we still have hate in this Country today, is it because our Leaders don’t want to see the people join hands and become united, or is it that the Laws have been maneuvered around so that some can sue some one easer then others, and that way it makes it harder for some to get a job because companies won’t hirer if they know they can get sued.

How would you feel if you saw some one or a couple of people walking toward you down the street looking like this, and like they were up to no good, or walk in to a store like this???? To me it looks like they are hiding their faces for some reason. Some stores and Banks will ask you to leave or drop the Hoodie, tale off the Hat, or Sun Glasses, or leave the Premiss.

Are the White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, or any other Nationality, if it is dusk or dark, would you have an idea of what you are walking in to, or who they are.

Today there to many people out there that don’t want to see Racism stopped and would rather keep all Nationalities from getting together and joining hands WHY?

This is the support of the Law and for Trayvon NOT the Hoodie.

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