Todays Mentality, and what is Wrong with this Country today

Comment By Bob L.

Ever wonder why this Country is going down hill and why no cares any more? Here is a good reason.

We are in the middle of YUPPIES who want every thing, no matter what the cost, but not what is good for this Country, because that takes money away from what they want, this is why they don’t want to pay for Social Security, or Medicare Tax, they want it for them selves thinking that they will not have to worry about that because they have a good job and a retirement just like all these people who just lost their retirement to the Government sponsored crash of housing, and stock market, then taking the Social Security and Medicare fund to pay for it, when the time comes lets see what they have to say when they lose every thing.

Every time some thing new comes out look who has to have it, YUPPIES, they can not stand any thing old, even if it is only TWO Weeks, they still got a have it to keep ahead of their Friends and Neighbors, whether they can afford it or not, even making sure that their children have one, helping bring this Country down some more.


Mon, Mar 12, 2012 – WBZ Boston

Hospitals are seeing an increase in injuries from walking and texting.

Mon, Feb 27, 2012 – CBS 3 Philadelphia

Stephanie Stahl reports on a new study that shows texting while walking can be dangerous.

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