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Meet the people who are helping Obama Break this Country

Comment By Bob L.

A businessman walks by a homeless woman holding a card requesting money on September 28, 2010 in New York City. A new report released by the U.S. Census Data shows that the income gap between Americans is greater than at any other time on record, Spencer Platt / Getty Images

People like this make me wish that they get put in the same position that the rest of America is in, and hope that they start paying the same thing that the Middle class are paying in taxes with NO DEDUCTIONS on their TAXES.

Just think these are the same people who got in on the Bailout, and now they are crying like little babies because they are losing money from their pay, well they are the ones who are breaking this Country, THE GREEDY who don’t give a DAM about this Country, just their pocket-book.


Bonus Withdrawal Puts Bankers in “Malaise”

By Max Abelson | Bloomberg
Wed.02-29-2012 Continue reading

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Nine not Eight Reasons Gas Will Hit $5 This Year

Comment By Bob L.

Obama wants this, he has already said he was not going to do any thing about it, remember he said when ELECTED he was going to raise the cost of Gas, Electricity, Water, Natural Gas, and Coal through Cap and Tax, or was it Tax and Cap, but what he is going to do is let these running for President put their foot in their mouth, and then cut prices so it look like he is on the Americans side then get ReElected, then Nelly bar the DOOR because he will let prices go where he wants them to go, just like he did with Obamacare, let some one else draw it up and then turn it over to the Democrats to sell it and push it through. And the worst problem is, the backers of Obama will help him do it.

Number 9: Environmental Protection Agency & Energy Czar
Obama and the EPA, shutting down Refineries, and Blocking and Pulling Permits.

Why Gasoline Prices Are So Different Around the US


Eight Reasons Gas Will Hit $5 This Year

24/7 Wall St
By Paul Ausick and Douglas A. McIntyre | 24/7 Wall St
Tue, Feb 28, 2012 Continue reading

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