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 Pictures for ones who can’t read, like the ones who can’t read “LANE CLOSED AHEAD”!!!

What do all these WORDS have in common, DISRESPECT, (lack of respect; discourtesy; rudeness.) of others.

You may ask how can this be, just look around, Health, people today want health insurance to pay more than for what insurance is intended to be used for, just look at what the wealthy have added to health insurance today, you can go on about what they are but the best way is most of it has nothing to do with health but APPEARANCE (the act or fact of appearing, as to the eye or mind or before the public) and who wants this, no names mentioned like such as the Red Carpet, this is just an example, there are others because they don’t think that they should have to pay for it, they want everyone else to like us the poor working people to pay for it so they don’t.

Today some Insurance Companies are now going by Obamacare and now everyone is at the mercy of these Insurance Companies where you will no longer have a say on who you will go to for Insurance, now this is going to be a problem, some Doctors are not using these Companies unless you are already a patient with them. I am beginning to see a pattern coming NOW, where Age and Disabled are not going to be covered unless there is a price where it will be paid out-of-pocket. You will have a choice, you Pay Obama now or you pay Obama until you die with fines for no Insurance.

Let’s look at safety, why do we have safety organizations to make sure we are safe, but not always, sometimes they turn their backs for money, but it is for other things as well, but we will say people have disregard for others on the Highways, they seem to think that the highways are theirs and everyone else is trespassing, so they tailgate, cut you off hoping you will get off their highway, they will jam on their brakes so they can sue you, and the worst one speed.

Speed you see just look at what they buy, a car that will go faster than the speed limit, now why do you need a car that fast, it is sure not for safety, it is to show that they have disregard for the safety of others.

Freedom and Greed are the easiest, Freedom they think is for them only, Greed, now this is one that you here all the time, I WANT MORE MONEY, but what do you think is going to happen, that is easy, it puts the people who can’t get more money, it puts more Families living on the street homeless, good example unions, Teachers, Government Employees, but you can’t say all Unions, see some Unions work for the Companies, so you can see that all Four of these Words mean nothing any more, but the ones that say it is not for them, like the teachers, they say is for the kids, NOW do any of the kids that they say it is for get any of that money, NO, the saying they say NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, well I saw a sign at a teacher’s strike, NO TEACHER LEFT BEHIND, so who was that strike for, THEM and no one else, GREED first hand.

Is this what Teachers are striking for: (SNOHOMISH, Wash. — The number of homeless people continues to rise in Western Washington and that includes more children. In King County the homeless population has grown at least three percent. And the latest count in Snohomish County revealed 829 kids under the age of 18 are homeless.) But it is not just Teachers, it is also by some Unions who want more for them selves, not the workers, the Rich, Governments, Federal,States,Counties,and Cities that are pushing more people out on the streets by wanting more money, and Taxes.

While all this is happening people who really need the pay are being held back by the Government and the Wealthy, and what this is doing is putting more people out on the street because they can no longer pay for these higher prices, and this is all over Greed and disregard for OTHERS.

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