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The Governments Hatred toward the Poor and Seniors

By Bob L.
What is the matter with all these LUNKHEADED YUPPIES today, are they that brain-dead or under Educated and don’t know what they’re doing that they want to chase the Poor and the Seniors out of the State by make it harder for Seniors and the poor to carry and pay for paper or cloth bags, let alone carry paper bags and carry them up stairs, and on top of that Seniors use plastic bags for garbage bags because they don’t have that much garbage to take out each week. these bags make good litter bags in your car that these Environmentalists throw out of their car windows instead of using a litter or garbage can. Continue reading

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Moving evicted tenants is big business

By Bob L.

We heard about all the foreclosures, but what happen to the others that was never mentioned, are they trying to keep this quiet so no one knows just how bad this Country really is.


Homeowners finance evicted tenants’ moves _ big business ‘making money out of people’s misery’ Continue reading

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Obama Approves of what he Has Done to the American People

By Bob L.

The more I read these news stories and the comments that Obama makes about the American worker shows that he is no more interested in America when all of his Appointees that he has put into office have concerns only for them selves and not America, just look at what they have done since Obama has ben in office, he has cost jobs and he says it is for the good of this country because he is spreading wealth, and I have not seen any spread of wealth other than in Government jobs and positions. Continue reading

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More From the Obama Administration, Small Business: Doctors going broke

By Bob L.

In some cases I can understand what Doctors are talking about, but on the other hand look at what the GOVERNMENT and the UNIONS have done to the rest of the American worker, in some cases the unions have gone to the point of braking companies and driving them out of business and this Country, but now the Government has been the worst part of the problem, and I would say is that they want to be doing just what Obama and the Democrats are doing to this Country right now, DICTATE and have full CONTROL of all. Continue reading

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Students Could Be Arrested for Playing Hooky

By Bob L.

Are the Schools and Teachers that greedy that they would resort to this kind of punishment to get more money, and force kids and their parents to force their kids to just sit there and say stick it, and NOT find out WHY they are skipping school, did any one ever think that these kids are tired of the same thing and not getting that education that they are promised. Continue reading

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Natural gas price plunge puts heat on producers

Natural gas price plunge puts heat on producers

By Anna Driver and Braden Reddall | Reuters
Fri, Dec 30, 2011

(Reuters) – A steep drop in natural gas prices is squeezing the profits of producers such as Southwestern Gas Corp, EXCO Resourcesand Quicksilver Resources, which may need to shut wells, raise cash, cut staff or seek merger partners in the coming year.

              Spot natural gas futures dipped below $3.00 per million British Thermal units on Friday, the lowest level in more than two years, as a glut of gas from shale fields across the United States pushed inventory levels to historic highs. Continue reading

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