College Education or Public Schools Education which is a Better Bet

By Bob L.

Is this a SCAM or is it the Truth, You Decide, it is up to you when Election time comes around to do the right thing for your Country, and think about the U.S. Constitution and your Freedom.

Today does anyone know the truth any more, how much of what is going on today from the Government is telling you the truth, about what you will be if you go to College, I came on these videos that raises a lot of questions, is the Government giving you the truth or are they just lining their pockets by brainwashing people and kids to go to college, here is a video that will let you think, or you will think it is hogwash, judge for yourself:  Watch it Here, I watched this and boy did it show just what is happening today, if it is not true, it is sure a good scam on the American people, watch the whole thing then make your choose, see if it does not follow the course of today.

Is the Government telling you the truth about how they are working to get jobs or about fixing the Economy for the American people: Watch it Here

This video brings up a lot of things I have seen happen over the years, in the Sixties it was computer programmers, which turned out more than they had jobs, now they are doing the same thing again, so which is true, is the Government lying to help these colleges profit while you go broke and depend on Government support the rest of your life, or do you get out and learn by looking up facts or do you go by what the Government is telling you, it is looking more to brainwashing and going for a profit than telling people the truth:  Watch it here, This video shows what I have sayed all along, this is one cause of Americas problems today, people are to wrapped up in themselves to care about what is going on, they only believe what they here and not look for the truth of what is going to happen, by listening to and believe all the bullshit, you will lose having a FREE COUNTRY before you no it.

Are Schools teaching Slavery Or are they Prisons.

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