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Repeal of legislative immunity proposed in Arizona

By Bob L.

Now, by the way the law is written today about Immunity, it should be Eliminated all the way around, U.S. and Foreign.

I feel it is not fair to people here and abroad to have to worry about some one getting off for a crime that others are being prosecuted for, and that is all crimes, from Misdemeanors to Felonies, NO ONE SHOULD BE EXEMPT FROM THE LAW, that also includes Leaders of Countries.


Repeal of legislative immunity proposed in Arizona

Associated Press
By PAUL DAVENPORT | Associated Press

PHOENIX (AP) — An Arizona senator gets in a fight with his girlfriend on a Phoenix freeway and avoids arrest. An Arkansas legislator leads officers on a high-speed chase through two counties and doesn’t get taken into custody. A Georgia lawmaker claims he couldn’t be prosecuted on a DUI charge. Continue reading

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