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Here We go Again the Blame Game


By Bob L.

I don’t no about you but I am getting tired of This Cry Baby blaming every one for his problems, he IS the Problem of know matter who you are, IT IS HIS WAY OR THE HIGHWAY because he is the big shit and no matter how far he puts this country in DEBT.


Obama rejects Keystone pipeline, blames ‘arbitrary’ GOP deadline

By Ben Geman and Andrew Restuccia

President Obama on Wednesday rejected the proposed Keystone XL oil sands pipeline, escalating an explosive election-year fight with congressional Republicans.

Obama blamed Republicans for forcing his hand, saying GOP provisions in December’s payroll tax cut extension deal that required a decision on the project by Feb. 21 left too little time for a project review by the State Department. Continue reading

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Who is RUNNING this Country, and Who is Destroying IT

By Bob L.                    Who is running this Country

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  Look at these pictures and look at what the cowards have sent out there, women and children, where are the men are they afraid that some one will see them out there and knowing that they are living on food stamps and assistance and don’t want to work, OR they all ready have a job and don’t care about any one else does.

Now look at Obama’s job plain, it is intended to keep Government and Public servants working and no one else.

And just think these people are complaining about HIGH PRICES of every thing. So much for being independent from Foreign Control.


Obama to Kill Keystone XL Pipeline Permit

Caves to Environmental Fanatics

If you needed any further evidence Barack Obama is intent on destroying American jobs, look no further. It was expected in some circles he would buck the environmental extremists in his party and proceed with Keystone, but apparently not. Continue reading

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