What the candidates need to see

By Bob L.

Where do you start, Corporate Greed starts with the Government, they allow this to happen, then it filters down to the American people who are regulated on how much they can make on a yearly wage, look around you and what do you see, I see greed every where you  turn.

You can start with police (people we need for protection) can’t live on what they make, same goes for fire, but they are the first to get cut when things get tight, they should be the last cut, go into these public offices and look at all the people standing around drinking coffee and talking instead of taking care of the public standing there needing help.

How are we going to help today’s graduates find work?  It is not Governments place to hand out jobs, it is Governments place to keep jobs in this Country.

How about those of us who have jobs and house, but are still on the economic edge?   Greed of others causing the problem.

A college education is more important than ever to getting a job. How will you keep aid like Pell Grants accessible?   Greed, get a job and work your way through College and understand what WORK is.

The decline of real wages means that even those with jobs are struggling. How will you address this and still keep us competitive in the world?   This is a good question, but it really answers its own question, PRIDE in what you do, not what you get, money is not PRIDE, it is GREED.

How will you address homelessness and poverty?   This falls in the lapse of all Government Agencies who caused the problem.

How will you address the problem of long-term unemployment, particularly among older members of the workforce?    This starts out with Government, then Corporations and their own greed

How do we support our educators?  The answer to this one is PRIDE and EXCELLENCE, but there is no pride and excellence in Teaching any more, it’s all greed for more money, and they say it is for the kids year after year, the kids don’t see a dime of this for the kids.

How would you help homeowners who are underwater on their mortgages and trying to sell their homes?   One question here is, could afford it to begin with, or did you expect to get more money so you could, or did you go out and buy a lot of stuff you did not need just to impress your friends.

Above are Eight Questions all fall under greed.

 What about the message of Occupy Wall Street: How would you address citizens’ fears over corporate power and malfeasance?  Here is a good one but, the question is why has the Government set a wage increase to THREE Percent a year and not set Corporate to that when they set the private sector to what they make.

How will you address global warming?  For one thing, leave it to the experts, but the problem is there are to many back seat idiots that don’t have any idea of what they are talking about, these people have no training in the matter, they are nothing but no it all’s.

How will you maintain our highway system amid infrastructure spending cuts?  Here are some pictures that have nothing to do with Highway maintenance, just a waste of money that could have gone to maintenance, plus they tie up traffic to maintain these traffic obstructions.

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