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A New Year And No Jobs Insight

By Bob L.

Here we are into another new year and there are no jobs to be had, or even seen in the future, why we still have people out there stopping progress, they want High tech jobs because they don’t want factories back in this Country, they think that it will interfere with their green projects.

I along with all the unemployed want to thank all you GRINCHES, YUPPIES, HYPOCRITES, ENVIRONMENTALIST, and groups that want Every Thing Their Way, and we can’t forget ALL Government Agencies that keep passing higher taxes, and laws to stop any Business from starting up.

Now is the time to start thinking of our CHILDREN and GRANDCHILDREN’S future, or there will be no life for them, or they could live like it was during the 1930’s, or worse, IS THIS WHAT YOU ALL WANT TO SEE?

Get your HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS, and stop being GREEDY for your OWN GAIN, start getting this Country back to where it will be prosperous again, and people will be working and pay their taxes.

Is this the way you want your Kids and Grandkids to live in the Future.

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