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Obese Third Grader Taken From Mom, Placed in Foster Care

By Bob L.

It is time to throw out every one of the DICTATORS out of Washington before they sell this Country to the highest bidder for their own gain.

If you have not noticed, the Obama’s are taking over this country for their own profit, just look at what they have control of now, if the people put them back into office, there will not be a free country to call home, when the Government can walk in and take your kids away from you for no reason just because they think you don’t like your kids and not taking care of them.

Land Of The Free

This Country has a lot more to worry about then how to take care of
your kids, it looks like before long you will go to jail because you or your family are to fat for the Obama’s because Americans embarrass them.

The problem is the Obama’s think they are better than any one in the world, and think that they own the world and every one had better get out of their way or they will send you to jail.

There is a lot of child abuse going on with Mental, Physical and Sexual, but that is not as important as being over weight.


ABC News
By Alyssa Newcomb
Sun.11 27 2011

A Cleveland third grader who weighed more than 200 pounds was taken from his mother after officials reportedly said she did not do enough to help the boy, who suffered from a weight-related health issue, to lose weight. Continue reading

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