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FDA Kills Smokers, Kills More Then Smokers

By Bob L.

FDA Kills Smokers, this is an under statement, FDA does more than that, read all side affects on prescription drugs, and see just how deadly these drugs really are, and the FDA is telling you that they are safe because they approved them, if you believe that then you deserve what you get.

If you read the information that you get when you get your prescriptions (or see on TV), see just how safe (or deadly) these drugs are, if you have not figured out by now what gets passed and what does not, then you do not read what you get, or you don’t care, or you think that they are trust worthy and are looking out for your best interest. BETTER LOOK AGAIN.

FDA passes products that give $$$$, and fails products that don’t give $$$$$.

Look at other things that can kill, Unleaded Gas, Diesel, Food, Water, TV, Sex, if you name it it will kill, but if it is approved by the FDA then it is safe, only if it is accompanied by $$$$$$.


John StosselJohn Stossel

FDA Kills Smokers

“The FDA is responsible for protecting the public health.”

That’s what the Food and Drug Administration tells us on its website.

My intuition makes me grateful that the FDA is there to protect me — to make sure that every drug is proven both safe and effective — but “protection” kills people. Continue reading

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