Who IS To Blame for Global Warming

By Bob L.

Count the number of lanes, look at all the vegetation that has been cleared for all this, HOW many people moved away from their jobs to be here in these traffic tie ups daily , and who is the cause, read on and you will see.

By building and building they are cutting down that what we need to keep things cool and purify the air we breath, and what gives us Oxygen to stay alive, drive down these highways to-day and you will see green belts being cut down and Concrete walls being put up, and who is paying for them, not the people who want them, WHY, ask the number ONE problem, the Government, greed for more money because the don’t know how to save money, and ask all the people listed below, are you one of them.

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Then how about the airlines, what is their contribution to Global warming, how much does a jet engine put out? How much fuel do they burn while in the air? How many planes are in the air at one time around the world? How many Planes in U.S. at one time? There are about 5,000 at one time or more in U.S. air space a day,  How about space travel, what is the heat factor on every take off? You can go on and on and see a lot of causes why, most of it is from people who want every thing now, It is like they say, FOR EVERY ACTION, THERE IS ALWAYS A REACTION, and the reaction is never studied until it is too late.

Every day that goes by this World gets warmer, or does it, or is it that it is the Governments and Environmentalist are the cause, well we cane not leave out the Special Interest Groups, OOPS for got these fabulous YUPPIES that just have to have the best of every thing that money can buy.


Where do you start, I guess we can start with the Government, people who don’t know the meaning of money and think that money grows on trees, so they spend and spend, who do they spend it on, well lets start on foreign aid, then World Disaster’s (not U.S.), then we can’t forget about cheep imports and expensive exports, what do we get, HOW ABOUT NO JOBS, they go where they can ship them back where cheaper than export them.


Next you have Environmentalist who just can’t see a piece of land that is not a sanctuary where they can go out and ride their Bicycles and Hike, in real words, drive their Polluting Cars to do all this, then they call it their own private land to do what they want, but you see what they are for getting is that they are destroying that land that they think they are preserving by what they call wild animal sanctuaries, by destroying the ecosystem by making hiking, and Bicycle trails, and roads to get to them.

Special Interest

Next is your Special Interest Groups that just can’t stand some one else getting something that they didn’t, or think that every one should be doing what they say.


Now we can not for get the Fabulous YUPPIES that just have to have the most expensive things and money is no object, and where do we find these Fabulous YUPPIES, to start with, here we go again, it all starts with the Government Agencies (a complete circle, from Government back to Government) that are causing the problems in this Country, then people making $50 Thousand a year or people who can go out and buy them selves in to DEBT, and you see they are also TAKING this Country into DEBT with them.

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