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Top 10 Obama Scolds

By Bob L.
10 16 2011

Is this the type of person we need running this Country?

Do we need a President that keeps telling the American people to go to hell, and a Government that backs him?

Do we need a President that would put us in to a War and blame Americans for it?

Do we need a President that won’t take responsibility for why Unemployed keeps growing?

Do we need a President that won’t listen to any one but Democrats?

Do we need a President that keeps putting down the American People?

Do we need a President who is more interested in Foreign Countries then the U.S.

Do we need a President and Government that is more interested in saving their own jobs then getting jobs back into America?

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Human EventsBy Human Events
The President’s mastered the blame game, shaking his head and wagging his finger at everyone but himself.

Barack Obama is increasingly becoming the nation’s scolder-in-chief—lashing out at friends and foes alike—and placing blame for things gone wrong on everybody but himself and his policies.  Here are the Top 10 Obama Scolds: Continue reading

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The Hill’s 2011 50 Wealthiest in Congress

By Bob L.
10 13 2011

Does any one have any idea why so many are unemployed or can’t get equal pay or pay higher than minimum or like the politicians that you elected??????

These people don’t care about whether you have a job or not, because as long as they are making so much money out side of their job as a Politician in Government, plus a SIX Figure Salary.

There are Politicians and Teachers who talk big about how they are for our Children, if this is the case then why are our kids getting farther behind in Education today, think about it, it is all talk and no walk, the same thing is taught every year in Education, there is no teaching, just Striking, and there is so much testing going on that where is the learning. 

Then you here them telling every one that they can’t live on what they make as an Elected Official and need a raise even though they make Six Figured pay a year with 9 to 15% automatic pay increase plus cost of living, wouldn’t it be nice if ALL Americans could get on the job pay like this every year with all the same pay and benefits they get.

And now we have people who are getting this type of wages and want more with disregard the people who are lucky to get paid minimum wage or some are lucky if they can get 25 hours work a week.

Here are just some that are inconsiderate of others, where do you start, I will start with Politicians, then you have, Unions, Teachers (a good examples this year in Tacoma Wa.), Corporate Executives (who get big pay and bonuses), Auto workers (big pay and medical), the list goes on and on, but the people who are not as lucky, have to clean up after the GREEDY by paying higher Rents, Food, Gas, Heating, Electricity, Water, Sewer, Buying a car, Buying clothes, going out at least once a month, and this is after taxes. All these prices go up every time the cost of living goes up every time wages go up.


By The Hill Staff

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) has dethroned Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) as the richest member of Congress, according to The Hill’s annual list of the 50 wealthiest lawmakers.

Read the whole Story ALL 51     Wealthiest

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Stupid Ignorance Of Public Officals

By Bob L.
10 12 2011

Any thing that get my goat is when Cities complain about money shorties and then turns right around and kicks out FULL time jobs for Restaurants, Condos, Parks, and Walk Ways, they are complaining about money to take care of what they have now. They are promoting their plans and dreams and making the American tax payer pay for it whether they want it or not, they don’t let THE PEOPLE have a voice in the matter, they say WE WANT IT, OR DON’T WANT IT, so shut your mouth, we are god. I could name a lot of things that the people were told, you don’t know what you want, so we will tell you what you want, or don’t want, even though the people voted for it or against it. Continue reading

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Obama’s Plan for Higher Airline Taxes Sees Not So Friendly Skies Ahead

By Bob L.

So much for a President that wants to creat jobs, he is nothing more than a Tax and Spend, Ooooh that is exactly what he called Bush, Oooh gee the dirty pot calling the kettle dirtier, or is it the other way around.

Is Obama really trying to create jobs, OR is he more interested in getting a Second Term, and the hell with the American people, and telling them to get off their ASS and get a job so he has more money to spend.

Obama says that Military and small piston plane are exempt, but how about Air Force One and all the planes that go with it are all private and should be classified as Corporate Jets, and taxed as so.

Under Obama, we have Auto, Banks, Healthcare, now Airlines, and what ever I am forgetting, it is time to CAN, DUMP, THROW OUT, what ever you call it, this DICTATOR and his CZARS before they Owns every thing and we can’t get away from their Control of America.


Kelly Phillips Erb, Contributor

I hate to fly.

There. I said it.

It’s not a phobia or anything. I just find the whole experience grossly
unpleasant from start to finish. I can’t figure out ticket prices to save my
life. I don’t like being treated like one of a number of cattle. And I hate the
whole nickel and dime pricing system from bags to sodas. If I’m paying $500 to
get from Philadelphia to Raleigh, I feel like the airlines can spare a can of
Diet Coke.

And it appears that things are going to get worse. Continue reading

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INSIDE WASHINGTON: ‘Zombie’ program cuts deficit

By Bob L.

It is amazing how much the Government covers up and most of the American people don’t care, just as long as it does not take it away from them, but the problem is it is taking it away from them in many ways, this is because every time the Government tell you that they are going broke, it is because they are taking the money and putting an IOU in and then telling you that it is going broke so they don’t have to replace it, just like they are doing to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and what ever they don’t want you to know.

This also for these programs, the money would be there if they were not stealing it and sending it to other countries and their favorite programs to keep the YUPPIES happy.

Here is just one comment:

damage done

I will have to give our politicians credit for one thing, they are the best bunch of thieves money can buy.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Sat. 10 08 2011

WASHINGTON (AP) — They’re calling it the zombie in the budget.

It’s a long-term care plan the Obama administration has put on hold, fearing it could go bust if actually implemented. Yet while the program exists on paper, monthly premiums the government may never collect count as reducing federal deficits.

Real or not, that’s $80 billion over the next 10 years. Continue reading

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Energy loans official leaves in wake of Solyndra

By Ayesha Rascoe and Roberta Rampton
Thur.10 06 2011

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Obama administration said on Thursday its top energy loans official was stepping down, following a widening probe into the embarrassing collapse of a solar panel company that got $535 million in federal support.

Jonathan Silver, a venture capitalist who had also worked for the Clinton administration, was leaving because the loan program has allocated all its funding, Energy Secretary Steven Chu said.

Silver’s departure, however, Continue reading

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Just Another Step to Corporate Greed, Two Fold

By Bob L.
Tue.10 04 2011

This is just another stab in the back from our Government to all legal American Citizen.

This Government does not care about any one but them Selves and their pocket-book, I wish I could get an automatic pay raise every year Plus cost of living just like All Americans would like, but our problem is that we are not in the back pockets of Big Business and bank of Obama.

Just look at how fast they are trying to get manufacturing back in to this country for people who don’t go to college.

I like it when Durbin says it is not his fault, it is the Banks for making bad financial deals.

 Sen. Durbin Defends Reform Despite New Bank Fees

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Democrats Tax the Poor With the “Durbin Fee”

John HaywardBy John Hayward

Another triumph of the politicized economy.

Price controls are one of the most persistent and dangerous delusions of liberal and populist economics.  If something is “too expensive,” why, the government will just pass a law to make it cheaper!  The inevitable result is greater expense to the consumer, as quality declines, supplies dry up, and those who formerly set competitive prices within a market-based system find other ways to get paid. Continue reading

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