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Governments know how to cover up money, Yes or NO

By Bob L.

Where is all that money that these states got from the tobacco industry law suit that was supposed to have gone into a health fund (general fund) to help the sick??????

Where has all this money gone that these states got from Obamas help the states and the rich??????, it sure did not help the people.

You can dig deep into a lot of these so-called money programs and see if they did go where they said they went and see if they really did end up there.

These Government Agencies know how to move money around to make it look like it went to the right place, even though it went to their pet programs, if you have not noticed Government Agencies are not very open to the Public, there is a lot of cover up.

Business Profits way up, Bonuses up, Pay up, People who make the product to provide an income for their families to have a place to live, well lets look at it this way, they are either lucky to have a roof over their heads or they are living on the street trying to find a job.

this money should not be used for private business, that is what the stock market is for, if the don’t have the money then they should not be in business, that money is supposed to be for public safety and health, and to help in retirement if a person does not have one. The problem today some have a Big Retirement and still gets Government money help to retire.

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