Red Army: Obama the Tip of a Radical Network

By Bob L.

I always like it when he stands up in front of every one with that pose thinking that his Shit does not stink.

We need a President who will spend more time in Washington DC and not flying all over the world making Americans look like stupid, and always looking to start a war.

It seem that he is more interested in taking over the world like Hitler, this we don’t need here, we need a Government that knows how to save money and build this Country with the American people not Lobbyists, Environmentalists, Special Interest Groups, and the rich out to line their pockets at the cost of the American people.

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Red Army:  Obama the Tip of a Radical Network We Must Defeat to Save America

By Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliott

Editor’s note: The following was adapted from the introduction to the new book, Red Army: The Radical Network That Must Be Defeated to Save America.

When Sen. Barack Obama, a few days before his inauguration as our 44th President, promised an adoring crowd “the fundamental transformation of the United States of America,” few realized that he was not speaking merely of himself or of his own role as the country’s incoming chief executive.  Behind the avatar of “hope and change” lay a left-wing “progressive” movement waiting to come to power.

At first, we knew very little about this clandestine “Red Army,” whose goal is the transformation of America into a socialist system.  As a matter of strategy, the “progressives” had quietly and patiently perfected the art of creating innocuous-sounding front groups, and the promotion of its policies in the guise of moderation and in the rhetoric of modest-sounding social ideals.  Before the candidacy of Obama—whose entire political career has been spent under the tutelage of the progressives, including some of its leading figures—this radical network had already succeeded over the decades in infiltrating major institutions of American power.  But with his election to the presidency, it reached the highest levels of our government.

Along the way, the progressives hijacked an entire spectrum of important social causes, from feminism and race relations to environmental and antiwar activism, each of which became subordinated to an agenda having very little to do with the actual cause at hand and everything to do with the underlying agenda of the radical reconstruction of our society.

This Red Army has taken over not merely the largest worker unions, but also the mainstream of the Democratic Party.  It has deeply penetrated the United States Congress, forming one of the most powerful caucuses on Capitol Hill.  Key legislation, including President Obama’s health care and stimulus bills, was crafted by the network’s various branches—operating both inside and outside the government.  The same network is now pushing other major measures, including defense, economic and immigration policies.

Like a conventional army, the progressive Red Army is an organized network consisting of numerous branches and divisions, deploying an appropriate battalion for a specific goal or battle at hand.  Many of these activists are openly hateful of America, or at least of the American capitalist system, including its basic document and compact, the United States Constitution.  Many others, to be fair, genuinely love this country, while believing that socialism would pave the road to a better society.  Still others are merely along for the ride, and pursue personal power and profit in the service of a new order.

While this radical network played a major part in the nomination and election of Barack Obama, it runs far deeper than the slew of “czars” in the Obama administration or the extremist personalities demonstrably tied to our President.  It is much larger than Obama himself, and will far outlast however many months of the Obama presidency yet remain.  Indeed, it is already planning how to advance its agenda following the 2012 elections, regardless of which candidate is victorious.

This Red Army shows no signs of relenting.  With the dramatic erosion of his poll numbers and the ascension of Republicans in the 112th Congress, Obama’s mandate for change may have for the time being run thin.  But these radical groups demonstrate an uncanny ability to wait patiently, like sleeper cells, for years or even decades, for the next opportunity to push their nefarious agenda while updating and perfecting the details of their well-planned, multilayered assault.

My co-author, Brenda J. Elliott, and I, in our previous book, The Manchurian President, documented President Obama’s extremist ties.  Our first book-length effort focused on unmasking Barack Obama and his radical associations.  But even before its publication, as we continued to delve into Obama’s administration, it became clear that we were uncovering a larger world of radical organizations, which are not only the force behind Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” but are also now so well-entrenched in the institutions of American power that their influence can hardly be overstated.  In other words, in peeling off the layers of the onion that is the radical network, Brenda and I have unearthed something much larger and far more disturbing than even we, as seasoned political observers, could have anticipated.

We must take up the extremely loaded question of conspiracy.  Conspiracy is a very serious offense in the U.S. legal system, and of course this applies to conspiracy to commit a crime.  Yet the Red Army of which we write employs mostly legal means to pursue its radical agenda.  In fact, the largest part of its nefarious genius lies precisely in its employment of legal and quasi-legal stratagems to “fundamentally transform,” and even overthrow, the American system.

There is a conspiracy—albeit a mostly legal one—behind Obama’s promised “fundamental transformation of America.”  It is the radical socialist network behind the President that relentlessly pushes this agenda.  What we call the Red Army has devised the means to seize enormous instruments of political, economic and cultural power in our country, from the very presidency itself on down.

To be sure, the American people have begun awakening from their slumber, rousing from their acquiescence, and seem eager to reclaim their great, free and prosperous nation from this clutch of radical operatives.  But in order to prevail, in order to save our nation from the designs of these operatives, we must first comprehend—and then defeat—the radical network that has seized the reins of American power.

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