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Here we go again 200% Democrat, 50% America

By Bob L.

I have said along that the Democrats will do and say any thing they can to make the Republicans look like they are a do nothing branch of the Government, but if the truth were to get out you would see that they are doing the same thing as the Democrats are doing, stone walling, the one thing that they should be doing is getting this Country out of DEBT and stop all this in fighting, all they are doing is ACTING like kindergarten kids, or is that FIRST GRADERS.

When are the Elected people going to get through their head that ONCE they are elected, any PARTY Affiliations stops, their place is to keep this Country safe and learn to save, and not spend money on a whim, such as statues, Eyesores that they think look cute, and that has nothing to do with Safety, and FULL TIME jobs YEAR ROUND, and not just to line Friends Pockets.

The problem today is that you see YUPPIES who want every thing now no matter what the cost, ENVIRONMENTALIST who can’t see past their nose to see what they are doing to this Country without knowing what could happen for their action, then you have these people who won’t keep their nose out of other people lives acting like Government idiots who can’t even run their own lives.


Audrey HudsonBy Audrey Hudson

Dems Blaming ‘Do-Nothing’ Congress on the Wrong Party

The White House says it’s doing all of the heavy lifting when it comes to legislative proposals to promote job growth, going as far as accusing Republicans of blocking President Obama’s ideas in a deliberate effort to see the economy fail.

“Nothing could be further from the truth,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R.-Ky.)  “Look, if Republicans wanted the economy to fail, we’d all line right up behind the President’s economic policies, rather than opposing them.” Continue reading

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