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Here we go again Obama taking Credit for Nothing

By Bob L.

Here we go again, some one who thinks he did it by him self just like all the rest, not the people of Libya, lets send him over there and put him on the ground with his security, and what do you think would happen, they sure would not welcome him with open arms, they would probable want to hang him.


Army’s Energy Awareness Month: Obama Outsourced Leadership, and Oil, in Libya War

Rachel MarsdenBy Rachel Marsden

Because it’s the U.S. Army’s Energy Awareness Month, it may be a good time to remind President Obama of oil’s importance to economic security, and the role that wartime leadership and image play in getting your hands on it post-victory.  He can’t just quietly outsource and downplay war because it’s icky, then call dibs on victory, as he has just done with Libya.  Something has to give. Continue reading

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