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GOP says Reid’s focus on government jobs is?

By Bob L.

Obama could care less about putting people back to work, unless you already have a job in public jobs like Teachers, Fire, and Police, fire and police are very important, but they are the first to be Laid Off, and with this, the Government think you will pass bonds to get more money they can spend unwisely.

WHEN are people going to remember that public Employees going to under stand that public Employees are nothing but PERPETUAL MOTION and can not sustain its motion with out added fuel, that added fuel is tax money, and that means you need outside money to build, and with out that you will eventually run out of money.

Obama’s Job Bill is nothing but Perpetual Motion, and problems are already starting to happen, lack of funds to keep this Country Going, so why do they think that Private Work Force is not Important, it is the Private Jobs that funds all Government Agencies, and with out Private jobs you have nothing to EXPORT to provide taxes to Operate on.

Just a few Examples of how teachers care about Educating our kids, Class Size Brings Strike by Teachers, how do you like the one NO TEACHER LEFT BEHIND, not NO kids left behind, this shows you how much Obama and the Teachers really care about Education.


By Jonathan Easley

Reid’s focus on government jobs is ‘disconnected from reality’

Republicans jumped on comments made by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) that the unemployment crisis is intensifying because of a loss of government jobs, rather than job losses in the private sector, calling him “disconnected from reality.” Continue reading

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