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Obama and GOP plans are inadequate

By Bob L.

WHY are Unemployment benefits so important to increase I thought JOBS were Important, and why has it taken so long to get these jobs going, lets see Obama said that if we bailed out BIG BUSINESS there would be lots of jobs, WHERE are they, all I see is a lot of smoke coming out of Washington DC, but still no jobs, are they just blowing smoke out of their ass, it seems there is a lot of that the last TEN YEARS, for what, so they can line their pockets.

This is sounding just like the doctors today, go home and take these TEN pills and call me just before you DIE, then we will see if the pills did this to you, don’t worry about the side affects they won’t hurt you, but if they do, we had nothing to do with it.

Government and Doctors I think go hand in hand, TAKE TWO PILLS AND CALL ME IN A WEEK AND WE WILL SEE IF THERE IS ANY CHANGE, in the mean time thing get worse and all they can say is sorry, but we have a jobs and weekly pay, why don’t you, it’s not our fault, it is just you are too lazy to get out and find a job. The problem is that the Government Agencies in this Country are  the ROOT of ALL the Problems, OF NO JOBS, AND THE POOR.


By Zachary Roth
Oct 12, 2011

The American economy isn’t just going through a weak patch–it’s mired in a “Lesser Depression” that poses a challenge more daunting than at any since the crisis of the 1930s, according to a major new study released Wednesday.

The provisions in President Obama’s jobs plan are no more likely to be effective at producing a lasting recovery than  were the bank bailouts and various stimulus efforts that came before, write Daniel Alpert, Robert Hockettt, and Nouriel Roubini in the New America Foundation report, “The Way Forward: Moving from Continue reading

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Three Steps to Save the World

David Sessions
Oct 12, 2011            

 Only drastic measures will save the U.S. and Europe from decades of devastating slump, a sweeping new economic proposal argues. Read the details. Plus, top economists give The Daily Beast their reactions.

Just about everyone will tell you the Obama administration’s response to the recession has barely made a dent in the misery gripping the country. Every day, the euro zone wobbles on the precipice, one misstep away from dragging Continue reading

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