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Top 10 Obama Scolds

By Bob L.
10 16 2011

Is this the type of person we need running this Country?

Do we need a President that keeps telling the American people to go to hell, and a Government that backs him?

Do we need a President that would put us in to a War and blame Americans for it?

Do we need a President that won’t take responsibility for why Unemployed keeps growing?

Do we need a President that won’t listen to any one but Democrats?

Do we need a President that keeps putting down the American People?

Do we need a President who is more interested in Foreign Countries then the U.S.

Do we need a President and Government that is more interested in saving their own jobs then getting jobs back into America?

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Human EventsBy Human Events
The President’s mastered the blame game, shaking his head and wagging his finger at everyone but himself.

Barack Obama is increasingly becoming the nation’s scolder-in-chief—lashing out at friends and foes alike—and placing blame for things gone wrong on everybody but himself and his policies.  Here are the Top 10 Obama Scolds: Continue reading

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