Stupid Ignorance Of Public Officals

By Bob L.
10 12 2011

Any thing that get my goat is when Cities complain about money shorties and then turns right around and kicks out FULL time jobs for Restaurants, Condos, Parks, and Walk Ways, they are complaining about money to take care of what they have now. They are promoting their plans and dreams and making the American tax payer pay for it whether they want it or not, they don’t let THE PEOPLE have a voice in the matter, they say WE WANT IT, OR DON’T WANT IT, so shut your mouth, we are god. I could name a lot of things that the people were told, you don’t know what you want, so we will tell you what you want, or don’t want, even though the people voted for it or against it.

Take a look at the port of Tacoma, they have chased away many Businesses to expand the port at which they said it would create Thirty thousand new full-time jobs, the only thing I see happened is that it has destroyed many good full-time jobs, and good local farm land from Puyallup to Renton, so now where do you get your produce from now, IMPORTED FROM WHERE???

Sure it has produced many jobs, but many of these jobs are automated, or temporary, how about getting full-time year around and not automated so  every one can get back to work and then these Cities, Counties, States, and Federal will have plenty of money as long as they learn how to spend it wisely and not throw it away on things like tree-lined center dividers that tie up traffic when they are maintaining them.

These people don’t have any idea about jobs as long as they are getting paid, and they don’t know how to handle money, if they did they would not be broke, and the way to solve that is to STOP CATERING to the YUPPIES, (typical of or reflecting their values on others).

A waste of money, planting center dividers so you have to go to the end and make a U Turn to get to a business on the other side, waste of gas, excess of tire ware, and then hope you don’t get rear ended, or hit a car making a right turn in front of you, then you have death circles with people who don’t yield, it is just like they ran a red light.

As far a road safety it is not, the other day I was driving down Bridgeport Way, no signs saying workers ahead, but low and behold here is a maintenance crew with one lane blocked working on the weeding and maintenance of these Center dividers, and with heavy traffic, and cars speeding up to cut you off so they did not have to stop until there is an opening, and now these Idiots are wasting tax payer money for this that has nothing to do with traffic safety.

The Government is telling Americans to stop depending on foreign oil, but they set their traffic lights to hold traffic to more idling where one direction the light stays green when there is no traffic,then when the light changes you are lucky if you get FIVE Cars through it before it changes back to the long light, then you have left turn lights that hold you even when there are no cars coming when you could make a left, and while idling and wasting gas. (So much for don’t idle)

Now they install Traffic Cameras to catch you going through a yellow and red light because more people are running red lights, NOW WHY IS THAT, is that because they have cut public safety, (this is Fire and Police) so they don’t have to cut their own wages, the problem is, Cities, Counties, States, and Federal have gotten so big they are destroying themselves.

Send these people back to grade school and teach them about money and that it does not grow on trees.

An other problem is these bicycle lanes, just watch and see how many ride ON or CLOSE to the WHITE LINE  so a mirror hits them, and some don’t even ride in the bicycle lanes, and some don’t even obey the traffic laws.

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