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GM and UAW reach first labor deal since bankruptcy

By Bob L.
Sat.09 17 2011

It seems a little funny that two companies that just got out of bankruptcy can now start going after big Pay packages, where is the money that they were going to pay back to the Taxpayer, now if they PAID the taxpayers back, WHERE is the money?

Where is this money that were suppose to have paid back?

Is this money going to bail out companies, or to help more file for BANKRUPTCY?


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By Bernie Woodall and Kevin Krolicki
Fri.09 16 11

DETROIT (Reuters) – General Motors Co and the United Auto Workers union reached a proposed contract for about 48,500 production workers that would create new U.S. factory jobs and include profit-sharing bonuses.

The proposed contract, which must be ratified by rank-and-file workers, represents the first since U.S. taxpayers bailed out GM and Chrysler Group LLC in 2009.

Details of the tentative deal reached late on Friday were being withheld until it could be reviewed by UAW officials from around the country at a meeting set for Tuesday in Detroit. Continue reading

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