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Down and Out in L.A.: When the Middle Class Goes Homeless

By Bob L.
Mon.09 05 2011

If you believe in what the Government tells you, they want you to believe that there is no Homeless in this Country, and that every one lives in a home or in an apartment, well if you believe that then I have some Ocean Front Property for sale in Arizona or how about the Golden Gate Bridge.

If there are no homeless then every thing you see in alleys and on benches, and store fronts to keep warm at night are just optical illusion, why don’t you ever hear about how many homeless there are in this Country.


By Jens Erik Gould / Los Angeles
Friday Sept. 02, 2011

At a homeless shelter on Skid Row in Los Angeles, there’s a man who once made a six-figure salary as a successful producer of Hollywood films and sitcoms. He produced a movie that grossed tens of millions at the box office, was represented by one of the largest television agencies and used to be friends with well-known actors. But then he had trouble getting work, and after a while was unable to pay rent. His family moved in with a friend, but then that house went into foreclosure. Continue reading

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